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A short Summary of what will be included in the mod and a large overview of the story.

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We have finally come up with the final draft of the mod and what races it will include

Massari Coalition
Advent Males


So there you go a total of 3 new races PLANNED so that means when their done we may make more Sins supports about 10 so we have 4 more slots after these 3.

Now since not even my developers knew what the story was i thought i would tell them and you guys so here is the Overview of the mod.

War of all wars:
It's 16 years after the Vassari Invasion and the time came when the TEC had to destroy or be destroyed. The ACU was developed a breed of robot unlike any other with the ability to reason, react and survive. They were a success for a small amount of time. Then something went very wrong the ACUs Rebelled and now attempts to destroy all forms of organic life.

9,000 light-years away another enemy is born. The mighty Vierok Empire feared throughout Galati sector. No other species has come into contact with them. They were an overall peaceful empire but they did what they had to do. A small band of rebels called the Gorhlok constantly tried to separate themselves from the empire and find a different part of space to dwell in. In a desperate act one of the greatest genetic scientists in the Empire who had defected to the Gorhlok, developed a virus. This was no ordinary virus, it had an awareness of its existence it new what it was and what it wanted, and what it wanted was power. The first Virus test subject was fully infected and melded with different Technological parts. The test worked well. The Virus quickly spread throughout the gorhlok rebellion until the entire faction was the virus. With the Virus limited in thinking ability it took the memories of its hosts which were mainly "Destroy or Break free from the vierok and flee" Sadly the Viruses reasoning skills were primitive all it understood was "Destroy" and Destroy it did. The enitre south side of Vierok terrtory was lost in a matter of weeks and the Virus, Which now viewed itself as the true gorhlok, spread throughout Vierok planets. In desperation the veirok planned an escape to the far reaches of space. In fact these far reaches were 9,000 lightyears in the Direction of TEC territory. The Vierok did escape the Gorhlok blockade and fled to there planned sector. When they arrived they found the TEC the 2 factions became good partners, But as many Vierok suspected the Gorhlok returned only months later. This time with 10 times the power and 10 times the anger. They unleashed upon the veirok but their plans were thwarted by the TEC who aided the Vierok. The ACU threat still loomed on the horizon it was not until 5 months into the Gorhlok Attack that the ACUs reared their faces again this time not against the TEC but against the Gorhlok. They ruthlessly slaughtered many gorhlok vessels, But the Gorhlok Fought back with invincible force. The ACUs and Gorhlok, now sworn enemies, Fight each with advanced technologies and various strengths and weaknesses.

What suprised even more people was the Declaration of war from the Vassari against the Veirok. It is unknown why this action was taken but the Veirok did not take this lightly they took what ships they had to a Vassari Shipyard and destroyed the entire Factory. Now these to factions fight as well, with no one knowing why or when it will end.

With all these powers fighting for dominance the outcome is bleak and Cloudy. Only you can decide there fate in the Universe who will you pick who will you fight for and what will your risk

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