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The announcement of Lone Wolf's 17th Faction The Southern Fiefdoms of Gondor. Will be available in Beta 0.4 replacing Morgul.

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Southern Fiefdoms


Ok I'm officially announcing the 17th Faction for Lone Wolf.The Southern Fiefdoms of Gondor or Fiefdom for short,is a faction has been in the works for some time and it was made as an answer to a problem with Gondor.
Gondor had too many Heroes and Units so I decided to create a faction consisting of those extra Heroes and Units.
The Fiefdoms of Gondor are a varied army with many types of units from all of Gondor's Fiefdoms.There main strength comes from the Knights of Dol Amroth lead by Prince Imrahil.
The noble knights are a powerful unit for The Fiefdoms being the Strongest Cavalry unit in the game are expensive.
They are almost the equivalent of a fully upgraded Gondor Knight and come to battle fully armoured.
They will have different upgrades to strengthen them.Fiefdom also have the strong Morthond Bowmen use to skirmish the enemy forces.

Tech Tree:

Someone wrote:

Militia of Anfalas - 100 (weak)

Lossarnach Axemen - 400 (good armour)
Hillmen of Lamedon - 300 (quick moving,weak armour)
Pikemen of Lebennin - 450

Men of Ringlo Vale - Defensive warriors 500
Warriors of Pennath Gelin (Strong Warriors) - 600 (fast moving,strong overall)
Household of Golasgil - 600 (shield)

Morthond Archers (strong archers) -500 (strong damage,decent armour,can be upgraded with stealth)
Hunters of Lamedon (cheap archers) -200 (weak armour,weak damage)

Lebennin Scout Riders - 600 (weak armour but fast)
Dol Amroth Men at Arms - 800 Basic Cavalry unit.
Dol Amroth Knights - 1400

Catapult - 1000 (greater range then normal)
Battering Ram


Duinhir (Morthond)
Forlong (Lossarnach)
Prince Imrahil (Dol Amroth)
Golasgil (Anfalas,Langstrand)
Hirluin (Pennath Gelin)
Angbor (Lamedon)
Dervorin (Ringlo Vale)


Gondor Farm
Fiefdom Barracks - 400
Morthond Archery Range - 500
Fiefdom Guardhouse - 600 Trains Fiefdom advanced infantry
Anlfalas Armory - 1400
Belfalas Well
Statue of Amroth
Dol Amroth Battle Tower
Dol Amroth Stables - 1200
Fiefdom Marketplace
Dol Amroth Workshop


Banner of the Swan
Good Season
Marshall for War (speeds up production on some units)
Cloud Break
Winds of Change
Dol Amroth Knights
At the Ready (speeds up power recharge times)
Grim Defiance (Heroes become invunerable for a time)
Dread of Dead (large area of fear from Oathbreakers)
Coming of the Grey Company (Aragorn,Halbarad,Gimli,Legolas and AotD)


Basic Training
Fire Arrows
Forged Blades
Heavy Armour
Dark Cloaks
Horse Shields



Spear Throw
Valiance of Forlong (+ 75% armour,50% attack)
Summon Lossarnach Axemen


Lvl 2 - Langstrand Strike - knockback attack
Lvl 5 - Leadership - 50% armour,150% atk
Lvl 7 - Lead to Victory - GC style,fear immunity,speed boost,knockback resist


Lvl 4 - Focus Shots - Archer leadership,boosts vision,range and attack but reduces speed (for Morthond units only)
Lvl 3 - Crackshot - heavy damage shot,weakens armour
Lvl 10 - Blackroot Assault - nearby Morthond Archers gain a light knockback and blind on their attacks for a short time
Lvl 7 - Wind Shooter - deals knockback damage for a short time
Fatherhood - Duilin and Derufin gain an attack and armour boost when nearby


Lvl 3 - Blackroot Arrow - strong ranged attack that slows the enemy
Lvl 5 - Morthond Pride - nearby Morthond units gain 10% speed and +25% armour
Lvl 8 - Blinding Shot - A shot that blinds enemy and stops monsters


Lvl 3 - Black Wind Arrow - strong ranged attack that knocks back the enemy
Lvl 5 - Morthond Pride - nearby Morthond units gain 10% speed and +25% armour
Lvl 8 - Courage of the Vale - nearby Morthond units gain an attack boost


Lvl 3 - Great Reave - Strong Melee strike with knock back,splash
Lvl 5 - Pennith Gelin Leadership - +20% speed,+50% attack
Lvl 7 - Hirluin's Charge - double Attack,+30% speed,- 60% armour for a short time


Level 1 - Fearless - nearby units become immune to fear and knockback
Level 3 - Defiance - Angbor gains an armour boost and frightens off enemies
Level 6 - Iron Fist - Angbor gains a knockback attack and attack boost for a short time.
Level 10 - Lordly Presence - nearby enemies lose leadership and become afraid


Chill Blade - Melee attack that slows and lowers target armour
Ringlo Mist - surrounds self in mist that slows nearby enemies
Waters of the Ringlo - heals nearby units (OCL well style)


Fiefdom are usually weaker in terms of attack and armour to make up for this they are pretty fast on their feet great at hit and run attacks and raiding.
Using Militia and Hunters to start with Fiefdom can put early game pressure on the enemy though these units are weak against structures making them ill suited to taking down the enemy early on.
To balance this out the Fiefdom can build Axemen which are great at taking down structures especially Farms though they aren't as fast as other Fiefdom units.

A fiefdom player will possibly use waves of units to batter down the opponent for instance using hunters and militia to draw fire then using Axemen to take down farms then when the counter attack comes they can pull back the Axemen and use either the Hillmen or Pikemen to counter a Cavalry counter.

As a rule the fiefdom will be good against units but weak against structures (except Axemen and Siege) they will also have a good selection of useful units early on in the game.
In later game they can begin using stronger units like the Warriors of Pennith Gelin,Household of Golasgil and Knights of Dol Amroth.

Because the Fiefdoms are made of various Gondor fiefdom's fighting together heroes usually function as captains for their people able to buff their own people.
In this way Imrahil can buff Knights of Dol Amroth and Dol Amroth Men at Arms but not other units.
Players may choose to maximise this and stick with a certain Fiefdom and captain in Early game.

The Fiefdoms will be the faction that replaces Morgul in the next beta.I was going to surprise everyone by announcing at the last minute.But with the discussion of The Fiefdoms in the lore discussion topic I was nervous about my faction being inadvertently revealed. :pAs for progress:Only a small portion of the art has been made so far that being the Morthond Bowmen skins,The Knights of Dol Amroth,Imrahil,The Castle Walls,Building Foundations and the Camp Walls.Most of the Fiefdom's code has been done however with the faction already sporting a complete spell store,partially complete AI and most of the Heroes and units coded.Also as you can see above a couple of the Banners have also been designed.I'll be revealing more of these over the next few weeks. I'll also be showcasing some screenshots,renders and concept art over the next few weeks as well.


Cant wait to see screens!!!

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Nice I can't wait for the release!

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this beta looks GREAT!

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