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In ExtroForge, you use a special gun to construct your base and gather wood. But how does the gun do its work? Our featured article for today explains how the Fabrication Gun works.

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The Fabrication Gun dematerializing a tree

"Hello! My name is Jonathan, a Creative Writer for ExtroForge, and today I’m here to tell you about your life line: The Fabrication Gun.

When you first drop into Soteria, you are equipped with a tool known as the Fabrication Gun. This tool utilizes the same technology that a SCMB uses in order to dematerialize small structures. You may notice that when you dematerialize a tree, it leaves behind a burnt stump. This is because it uses the SCMB technology on a much smaller scale. it is not powerful enough to fully dematerialize organic structures such as trees and plants, because of their cellular density. It also has to be done at close range since it does not output enough power for longer ranges.

The Fabrication Gun has a small storage receptacle located on the rear of the gun. This allows for the collected material to be stored in smaller quantities for personal use. The tool also has the capability to magnetically “lock” to larger SCMB transmission lines, essentially allowing the tool to be used as a zip line, following the direction of the particle flow. It is not recommended to use the tool this way as there is a chance of injury, however if you need to escape from an area fast, this is one of the alternatives that you can use.

The Fabrication Gun has a secondary use as well. Mounted to the front of the tool under it’s SCMB emitter, is a micro scaled, 3-D Synthesizer. This allows for quick construction of building materials, electrical components, and small structures. It works by taking the stored material and injecting it into a SCMB that has been set at a reverse polarity. The computer inside of it then tells the rest of the system how to emit and guide the material according to a pre-stored blueprint. While the technology is a little older, there is still the problem of range, so its always a good idea to stand within 1 meter of the object you wish to construct until the process is finished.

The Fabrication Gun should not be tinkered with. While it is possible to increase the storage capacity and construction speed of the tool, increasing the power output can cause negative and undesired effects such as burns, partial self-dematerialization, or accidental dematerialization of another person. Use caution if you plan to increase the tool’s output."

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