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The Experimental program For Silent Death Mod 2020

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Hey guys we are excited to announce the release of a mod beta program with the beta software, 

you will be able to try every piece we made right away

For example, today we finished the FV510 Warrior

You can try it now

So why join the beta program

1 - You can try a weapon instantly every day

2 - You don't have to wait for the full version or download it because you will already get it before others

3 - You can play with armies that are not over yet, which means you can play with 15 armies but you need to know that you can play with those armies but you cannot play against them before we are done so the game does not crush the game you are playing

4 - Finds errors and asks us to fix them

And if you don't want to join, that's okay but you have to wait for the full version when we download as we do

We welcome you all

Ok, how do you join ??

You are already there when you download and install it

How do I download and install it

Download it from our BlogSpot

Here is the way in the video, it's very simple just copy and paste it

Before you start the video you must

1 - Download V4.0 from the Mod "link below this video"

3 - When you download and install each weapon, you have to do it with a number for example FV510 the number is 684. You have to install it first and then FV Scorpion which contains the number 685 and similar in all weapons

4 - Start with piece number 751 not earlier because the previous piece is already in V4.0

5- Enjoy

Thanks for our support, and for your question and suggestion, visit our Facebook page


Impressive work bro!! Keep it up thank u🇸🇾

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