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Diablo II - Lord of Destruction v1.10f The Era of Destruction mod by Evil Spirits Supported D2SE and PlugY 14.03

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_Maximum level: 100
_Stat per level: 8
_Skill points per level:
•1-50: 1
•51-80: 2
•81-90: 3
•91-100: 1
_Harder difficulty:
•Normal: 0
•Nightmare: -100
•Hell: -200
_Monsters: Increase attack rating, defense, hp and dmg for alls.
•+10% for monsters Lv1-25.
•+25% for monsters Lv26-50.
•+50% for monsters Lv51-75.
•+100% for monsters Lv76-100.
•+50% for all Uber Bosses.
_New skills for all characters.
_Changes skills effect.
_New skill system.
_Adds animation orbs.
_Adds GUI theme.
_Remove item socketed (ex:
_Increases mana cost of all skills.
_New stat screen, display character all stats.
_Adds mega health and mana potion.
_Editing all vanilla unique items.
_Increases maximum limit gold can be sold for NPCs.
_Adds DDraw plugin that helps the game runs in ddraw mode are more smoother, faster and increases maximum fps to 165 (more details in \The Era of Destruction\DDraw.ini).
_New gems, new runes.
_Buffs class Elite set items.
_Adds random resistance for all monsters in Nightmare and Hell.
_Higher resolution.
_Increases stash and inventory sizes.
_Shows damage display and auto pickup gold.
_Teleport can use in town and left hand.
_Adds socket for all items.
_Mercenary can equip full items and adds more skills for them.
_Adds Freeze Arrow and Immolation Arrow for Rogue Scout.
_Adds Conversion and more auras for Desert Mercenary.
+Prayer (Normal) - Thorns (Nightmare), Fanaticism (Hell)
+Defiance (Normal) - Holy Freeze (Nightmare) - Concentration (Hell)
+Blessed Aim (Normal), Might (Nightmare), Conviction (Hell)
_Eastern Sorceror:
•Fire and Physics:
+Normal: Fire Ball - Fire Splat - Psychic Hammer - Twister
+Nightmare: Fissure - Volcano - Twister - Tornado
+Hell: Flame Wave - Meteor - Twister - Tornado
•Cold and Poison:
+Normal: Frost Nova - Frozen Orb - Poison Splat - Poison Nova
+Nightmare: Arctic Wave - Blizzard - Poison Splat - Poison Nova or Lorenado
+Hell: Glacial Spike - Ice Spike - Poison Splat - Lorenado
•Lightning and Magic:
+Normal: Nova - Thunder Storm - Teeth - Bone Spear
+Nightmare: Lightning - Lightning Storm - Bone Spear - Bone Spirit
+Hell: Tempest - Fiend Nova - Bone Spear - Bone Spirit
_Barbarian Warrior can use Stun, Frenzy, Berserk and Iron Skin.
_Runewords can do on magic items.
_Bows and Crossbows can ethereal.
_All weapons, armors Str/Dex requirement are higher 15%.
_Adds extra Physics and Magic masteries, piercing enemy Magic Resistance.
_Piercing can break immunity.
_Increases drop rate for all monsters.
_Improves Countess rune drop.
_New runewords, sets, unique items, Horadric Cube recipes, more and more...
_Adds Treasure Hunter (when killed an enemy, you have 1% change to call him).
_Adds death skill for all monsters when killed.
_Annihilus is droppped by Cow King.
_New Hidden Areas and Uber Quest.
_Harder rescue Cain quest.
_Adds Charm Zone.
_Adds Chart Start plugin (60 stat points, 1 skill point and 10.000 gold).
_Adds Teleport for Annihilus.
_Removed Tower Cellar 1 Level.
_Can't use Teleport in Hidden Areas.
_Teleport can't pass through wall in Nihlathak's Temple, Red Portal act 5 and Baal's Worldstone.
_Fix some skills for all characters.
•Increases attack rating, 15% dmg and 25% sysnergy bonus for all Charge-up skills.
•Improve Fire Blast that can throws multiple spikes.
•Increases maximum shots for Inferno/Lightning Sentry to 10.
•Reduced Death Sentry Explosion dmg to 40-60%.
•Bone Spear casts multiple shots and knockback, piercing enemies and reduced dmg by half.
•Reduced Corpse Explosion dmg to 50-75%.
•Adds CTC Skill when Struck for Valkyrie, Fire Golem and Grizzly.
•Reduced Thunder Storm delay between each strike.
•Meteor can deal physical dmg and more powerful.
•Increases Fronzen Orb sysnergy bonus by 5%.
•Adds cold dmg for Cold Mastery and reduce cold pierce resistance.
•Inferno Sentry does multiple shots and deals more dmg.
•Rework Plague Javelin that casts Poison Nova when it strikes an enemy.
•Rework Cobra Strike that target a corpse of a slain enemy, explores it and freezes to all enemies nearby.
•Rework Poison Dagger that creates a poison bolt that explosives toxic gas poisons when it strikes an enemy.
•Rework Inferno that summons a nova of fiery death to incinerate all nearby enemies.
•Rework Blaze that casts a wave of fire to strike and knockback to enemies.
•Rework Fire Ball that casts a wave of exploding firebolts to engulf your enemies.
•Rework Fire Bolt's Hydra that shoots a splat of fire and deal dmg in a small area.
•Rework Chain Lightning that casts powerful lightning bolts at all nearby enemies.
•Rework Arctic Blast that casts a cold wave to strike and knockback to enemies.
•Buffs Druid's wolf and bear summon, increase dmg and hp per level.
•Increases maximum number of traps of Assassin's summon.

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