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The Sith attack on Kasyyyk has left the planet, which was once a lush green planet, in ruins.

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Factions: The Sith Empire Timeline: post Yuuzhan Vong war
Some Wookie resistance

The battle: The Sith Empire needed more slaves, and what better slaves then Wookies? They therefore initiated a full scale attack on Kashyyyk, bombarding the service to break the Wookies morale and hope. Darth_Ten10dix was already on the planet surface, rounding up the population into shuttles, shortly joined by Lord Xerstorung. AK151 and JohnyBoy were bombarding the planet from above, then they also joined the battle on the ground. When most of the population was rounded up the Sith Empire shot the planet to bits. A Jedi Padawan was captured, Titaly_Winks, and was exchanged for Master HeadHunter.

Outcome: Sith Empire victory, Captured Jedi and wookies, and another Aol planet bites the dust

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