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After so much time without giving updates I sadly announce the cancelation of this mod.

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The project is dead

After so much time thinking about it and still stuck in some technical aspects I can't still developing this mod thanks to my my lack of knowledge. I don't like cancel this after like 2 years of developing but at the end it's not wasted time. I started this mod with null knowledge about modding and programmation, but with time and following the trial and error formula I learned a LOT about modding. I didn't lost 2 years in this, Not at all.

This time something stopped me in my tracks and it is something that I could not learn how it works, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R quests system with which I had planned to make the wave system of the Dead Zone mode.

Basically, trader will give you the first wave as a mission and via scripts of the quest, zombies will spawn and the objective is kill them all and return to trader for next mission / wave. It sounds like a basic thing but the X-Ray Engine is never easy. After get stuck on this so much time it made me lose the interest in this and I started other small projects like my potato addons.

Well, I will not develop this anymore, but if someone is interested in finish this or use the assets as modder resources, here is the latest build packed as a Standalone. If somebody want to finish this PM me and I will send you all the full resources.

Know issues or unfinished stuff:

  • Weapons atachments doesn't work
  • Weapons reload sounds are desync
  • Infected and Zombie dogs AI doesn't work properly
  • HUD is broken
  • Perks doesn't work
  • 64 bits engine is outdated
  • Consumables Items needs tweaking
  • Menu and Loadingscreen arent finished

Much other stuff still broken but I didn't tested them.

Before this articles end, some screenshots I took (Latest builds looks a bit different but its like this)

ss rammaken 02 20 21 20 02 32 s

ss rammaken 02 20 21 20 03 24 s

ss rammaken 02 20 21 21 44 32 s

Thanks to all who supported this project

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