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CHANGELOG for v.0.4 FINAL (alpha) and farewell. Thanks for everyone who appreciated this mod up until now.

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***UPDATED*** 24th July 2015.

V.0.4 FINAL alpha release. Download, changelog and instructions to install below!

v.0.4 final screenshots

Hi guys and gals,

This is the final version I will release for Macross Wars Universe. I no longer have the time to work on this mod, as over the past year I've become very busy and I think I've just lost interest in the mod in the end. So instead of quietly fading away without any updates and leaving people wondering on what has happened, I will update the last version ( as a parting gift on all that I have worked on until I stopped.

It's not a huge update over v.0.3 but it's something. Mainly some new art assets more than anything but do read the changelog below for the details. Sadly I've not even looked into the new modding opportunities of the lastest DWU versions beyond a few glimpses, I had hope to but alas', here we are at the end times of the mod...

v.0.4 final screenshots v.0.4 final screenshots

I've have tested the final version briefly and it still does work with the latest patch (v. If there are any bugs I do apologize, as it is pretty much an 'as is' version.

Anyways I will close, by saying this mod is now open source to all who may want to continue it, but maybe just give me a mention somewhere. I really enjoyed working on it and it's sad that it has had to come to an end. Maybe one day, Macross will be popular again and we will see some more mods come out... I only really started this mod as no one did Macross mods anymore, and to show my love for the franchise.

In the end, all I hope to achieve with this mod is make a few fans like me happy while playing it.

~Rankalee out.



Macross Wars Universe v.0.4 FINAL


(v.0.4.alpha) unknown ::the end of the road final art release::

+Edit/cleaned up REF race portrait, logo better aligned.
+Fixed REF infantry names.
+Added a couple placeholder diplomacy music for all races (unsure to seem to work at this time, sometimes works, no idea. to be fixed).
+Added REF troop images and deleted placeholders.
+New Arkangel Colony ship graphic for REF colonyship.
+Replaced REF multiple ships and bases with new graphics so no longer using placeholders.
+Replaced UNspacy smallspaceport replaced with new graphic. Old version to ALT folder.
+Replaced UNspacy medium and large spaceports with top down pyramid versions. Old versions to ALT folder.
+Replaced Vajra carrier and colonyship with new graphic based on guantanmano-class.
+Replaced Vajra cruiser with new version of the macross quarter-class. Old version to ALT.
+Changed all races escort-type ships to be a single graphic of squadron of 3 fighters. I think it suits the macross feel better for now...
+Changed a whole bunch of older ship graphics around for ALL races...nothing major just a couple of swaps due to freeing up some old graphics after using the new escort-type replacement.


Extract the Macross Wars Universe folder from the zip file, then put it in your Customization folder in your DWU directory. Start the game, then hit Change Theme and select this mod. Play!


thanks man

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