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We've come to the end of the line with our game. I am the last member of the team and unfortunately have to finally move on to other projects.

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Dear Fans,

First of all I would like to say sorry. Sorry for letting down your expectations. Some of you had high hopes for this game and maybe wanted to see it among the best survival games out there. But we all failed you. I failed you.

When we first started working on this game we were kids and had no idea on the difficulties of making a game. The guy who started the game was 14 years old. But we thought, hey, everyone great had to start from somewhere even if they were young and stupid first. Start small, then build on it, attract some investment, hire more people, do more work, attract more investment, and on and on until release.

We had serious discussions with a big investor, and we thought we had our launch pad. But the negotiations fell apart. Some was our fault, some was the investor. Anyway we failed to secure funding. The negotiations were long and exhausting and ended up nowhere. At that moment we thought there were no shortage of investors out there, and we still had the work we've done so far. We could go on working and research other ways or funding.

But then some of our people started leaving. They thought this game was going nowhere. There were debates among us. Some said that the game mechanics were wrong and it wouldn't be fun, others said that the work so far was too low quality compared to the competition, others that we were too ambitious from the start and we overreached. The work stalled. We were no longer making any progress. Time passed and more people left.

And I am the last one on the team. The people who started this game have long ago moved on to other projects. I haven't done any work on this game for more than two years. I am ashamed of it. But I couldn't go on by myself.

I started working by myself on a new game called War Legacy. It's a multiplayer free to play shooter with firearms from all the historical ages. It's far less ambitious than Survivor and I believe I've learned my lesson. I will not repeat the mistakes I've made with Survivor. Others have recently joined me and we are now a full team. A small one but united. They all know about Survivor. They know the story. We have a new investor, much smaller one, who is interested in our game and thinks it has great potential.

In the end, it pains me to say it but Survivor is dead. It is dead for two years and I couldn't gather the courage to come forward to you and admit it. But there it is. I invested some years of my life in it and stayed with it much longer than anyone else. But everyone has to move on, including me.

If you want to see this game I've been working on this time here it is on Steam Greenlight

Best wishes to all of you,

Octavian Cristea

Level Designer of Survivor Team


Sad day:( Hope you get to revive it someday.Best of luck.

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dexR0 Author

hello SniperCharlie
I have an idea for an original Survivor, but I don't want to follow it for now. My focus is on War Legacy. I should finish that game first and wile it is generating revenue I can move to other games...
One step at a time

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As long as you get to do what you love,go for it.Just remember to add single player to it;)

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