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This is the mod where is startes The Great War in the Emperiala World

Some Sub-mods added:

Diplomacy + PBOD

Music Pack and Castles Pack


Kingdom of the Glandians: They are dressed red suits, they declaring war of Vrasgar Kingdom

What's best:

Glandian Knight: They are strong knights in the Emperiala World

What's Worst:

Poor Archers

Kingdom of Vrasgare: They are angry with Glandian Kingdom.

What's best:

Gendarme: Best Vrasgar's Knights, they are stormers..

What's Worst:

Not good Infantry, but archers is more better.

Kingdom of the Herelics: They are in the small island..They just a basic army

What's best:

Hearelic's Lancer

What's Worst:

Poor Infantry

Kingdom of the Skarlands: They living in the snow lands, they declared war with Vrasgar and Glandians..

What's Best:

Aethling: Best Infantry in the Emperiala World.

What's Worst

Poor Cavalry

Kingdom of the Gales: They are the pagans.. They declared war with Glandians.

What's Best:

Saetwr: Best Archers in the Emperiala World

What's Worst:

None, but bad thing is, that Some Gale Spearmen and Longbowmen don't have a boots..

Constarand Sultanate:

They are like a Musilims, declaring war, Herelics and Vrasgars..

What's Best:

Best Mamlukes in the Emperiala World

What's Worst:

Poor Horse Archers

That's it! Stay tune guys, Thank you for reading this.. Peace:D

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