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Version 4 is here, with a lot of relevant and important updates. Among other things, THREE new Civs are available!

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As of April 3, Version 4 of Fairy Tale is available. I tried making a Patch to update Version 3 to 4 in an easier way, but the patch failed. You will have to download the Full Version again. Regardless whether you have a previous version or not.

There is a Patch of Corrections to Version 4 as well. For the most up-to-date Version of Fairy Tale, you should install V4 as well as the Corrections Patch. The Corrections patch even adds a new Civilization to the game, getting up the number of recently added to THREE. That final one is not quite yet done though, but fully playable. All units are in place, a leader and so on. Only small things are missing, like the buttons, national anthem, flag...

V4 Update, April 3, 2010; Changelog:

*Yatenga was missing their special worker. Corrected.
*The Purple Tower now requires Tech The Empire.
*The First nation to discover Tech The Empire now receives the unit "The
Emperor", which is the strongest combat unit in the game!
*The nation which owns the Purple Tower can from now on build "The
Imperial Guard".
*Added the Beast Farm where you can train wolves to explore rival
territory and attack easy prey like settlers and workers. Available from
Tech Horse Breeding.
*The Royal Family members can no longer just enter rival territory
without open borders. The enemy used the King to scout my territory in a
test-game. Sigh.
*Caravels are now buildable from Tech School of Geography. To get sea
exploration going earlier.
*On the other hand, the Denerean Cog and the Viking Longboat can no
longer enter rival territory.
*Created the Huge 100x100 map of the Known World and placed all civs on
it. It expands the Known World to the West and South, making room for
new civs.
*Added two new Civilizations: Zuur and Arcana, both with proper units,
leaders, anthems, flags and unique buildings. Phew. These are playable
on the 100x100 map, as I actually didn't have room for them on the
smaller version of the World of Fairy Tale map. These two bring up the
total number of unique civs in Fairy Tale to 14.
*Added a couple of new leaders. The new Elven one is based on Gandhi.
Just for fun. I wanted to see how Gandhi behaves in this rather
aggressive world! Happy Easter, people!

Patch 4a (Corrections)

*Corrected problem with Arcana Mounted units showing up for all the other nations as well!
*Corrected the Imperial Guard. They are now buildable with Purple Tower.
*Gave the Angvina some more units; Longbowmen, Pikemen and Macemen.
*Horses are no longer needed to build the Zuur Druid.
*Added the Erezon Empire, inspired by Eastern Asian cultures.

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