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The Earth Resistance was the last bastion of Military left on Earth, after the worlds Armies were destroyed in 2020 by the Galactic Empire prior to October 22nd, 2020 before the Imperial Occupation of Earth. People say that if the Earth Resistance were to fall, all hope in defending Earth or trying to put up a resistance against the Empire would be crushed forever, and there would be nothing left to fight the Empire.

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The Earth Resistance was a large organized faction that was united during the events of the Earth Imperial War, where they gathered strengths and arms on the Ice Continent of Antarctica, with a sole dream of counter attacking and driving the Empire off the planet.

Founded about 4 days after the fall of Earth and into the Imperial Occupation, the Resistance leaders consisted of Japanese general Akashi Remoshi, American Commander Lord Mays, vast stores of other leaders from England, Europe, and Asia, and Russian defense minister of war Vladimir Molovo, who were successful in evacuating the remnants of their countries' militaries out of their home nations before the Galactic Empire took over, and decided to hold up Residents on Antarctica in hopes of gathering recruits and rebuilding into a new army.

Despite such bad weather conditions along with endless blizzards, the Earth Resistance was able to take up residence in Antarctica, where they sent out several raiding parties transported by either air or Ice breakers, in order to gather war assets that survived the Invasion, in order to strengthen their forces in Antarctica, the group was able to conduct this for about 1 year until they were discovered in November of 2024, by an Imperial recon probe, which eventually resulted into an Imperial Invasion of Antarctica.

Despite heavy defenses and even going as far as to driving the Empire back in certain areas around Antarctica, the tide tragically turned against the Resistance, when the AT-AT's then arrived on the continent along with a single Star Destroyer, resulting in the Earth fighters and remaining military units in the continent to be overrun and destroyed.

After Antarctica, the Earth Resistance strength of what used to be over, 20,000,000 fighters and defenders, only 200 were spared by the Galactic Empire, and were later forced into enlistment to fight for the Galactic Empire, where by that same year they would be known as the 271st Legion.


Due to planet Earth's military Powers be completely eradicated along with most of the factories of munitions and war supplies worldwide, most of the Earth Resistance's military arsenal composed of a mixture of both guns of Earth's formal military style guns, and captured weapons salvaged from the Galactic Empire.

It was eventually rare to find any bullet based guns due to the events following the fall of Earth on October 22nd, 2020. Despite this event, most of the Earth Resistance's Arsenal of weaponry at the time of the early years of the Occupation, composed of both a captured Imperial weapons, and remnants of Earth Military guns, many of these Earth guns were even said to have survived the fighting that were not destroyed by the Galactic Empire during the fall of Earth, as many of these guns were said to have been brought southbound to Antarctica.

By 2022, A massive factory, was built in Antarctica in order to produce bullet based firearms in an attempt to try and keep the Earth weapon systems alive, while Earth Resistance forces continued to gather more and more laser blasters from the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately, this factory would eventually be destroyed by 2025, during the Imperial invasion of Antarctica which resulted into the complete end for bullet based weaponry for the Earth Resistance, as all other Earth military based guns were considered gone, with the exception of a small amount that were sent off Antarctica at the time of the Engagement.

It would be eventually discovered that any soldier who found or somehow came into possession of a Firearm of Earth military origin such as AK-47, M-16, M60's ext, that soldier would be paid a large amount of credits due to most of the Earth based guns being hard to find in the last years of the Earth Imperial War.

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