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A game of action and adventure of a guara wolf named PaWyck (the spreader fur). This is the story of a adorable, furry and stupid animal that will roam an island that serves as manicomio / sanatorium for different "cases" and situations outside normal looking for an escape from this sad place.

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Meet PaWyck Guara (the spreader fur).

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A guara wolf like so many others, but this had the unfortunate of being forced to participate in a TV program with high black humor.Under the eyes of more than 2 billion viewers, it must venture by an island full of crazy people and crazy creatures in search of freedom before it is victim of this mad place.
And if that was not enough, the organizers of the show, put in your body a bomb that will explode within 5 hours unless he find all deactivation mechanisms.

Island 1

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