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Hello! ChiselPerson here! this mod is not dead, I'm currently working on the mod version of the game so people don't have to download all the maps in one go, the mod will include extended maps and such, you can check me mapping the extended versions at my twitch but most of the time I stream games, especially scrap mechanic, and now back to mapping, I have added more detail into the extended maps because I am stupid and forgot to detail most of the maps in the original series, and let's not forget the bugs, the first bug I encountered was the lift went slower than a snail, and then I fixed it, it was an easy fix and I am stupid for not changing the settings, this will be a short dev blog because I haven't gotten a lot done and this was time-consuming, mapping takes a long time so I suspect there won't be another dev blog until next month. This was ChiselPerson, See you later.

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