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Shiver me timbers, it wouldn't be so cold if me shack had some doors.

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The Doors

Doors with a full Moon

After weeks messing around with doors for YAARRGH! This is the final results, not very pretty but we do our best with only one and a half men working on this game.

Doors in the morning sunlight

How do doors work in YAARRGH! It’s very simple, keeps monsters out of ya shack and helps you survive longer in a world full of pirates trying to steal ya rum!

Doors with some Rams wanting to ram me

Looks like company and they don't look too friendly either, thats why we have doors.

Doors at sunrise

After this game build, we have started working on crafting and storage, which will take some time.

Doors that blend

If you love our work and wish to help us out please support our Patreon

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