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A more steeper direction with how my Unreal Gold Mod should look.

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Enemies change

So an update... not an usual update... more like a dumb confession to address that my idea of this mod isn't what maybe people want and to announce where this mod is really going and where it should go as a mod. Firstly, it feels like that I ran into the same problem almost every other total conversion mod on this website has got themselves into... a dead end and you'll never hear anymore updates from them again... yep, I ran into that. I feel like the rewards making this mod are so steep that I have planned to move onto other projects... like indie gaming... but it turns out... that I'm still have plans to work and get this mod to something worth while. Before I do, the 20th anniversary of the release of Unreal is coming up, so I was hoping to get this mod up to some sort of standard until then but nope,.. I'll never made that with the kind of improvements I'll be putting into Salvage Storm.

I think mods reach a dead end because of the lack of experience a modder, like myself has to make a total conversion mod. A mod is what it is... a mod... a piece of content that just adds more to the original world. So when I'm talking about total conversion mods, it's the same amount of work required to try to make it almost reach Indie level of gaming, because of the single player story but the amount of effort to get a mod to a total conversion is alot more then I would imagine. I may aswell make an Indie based game but there is a reason why I don't just walk and more everything to an indie based game because I would like to work on the Unreal Engine 1 and if I can show that I can at least make something, then I think it's worth something then just a standard Unreal Gold looking mod. I am working on an indie game however that's going to maybe take me another year but it would be worth it because I'm going to use that experience to get an idea where this mod should head towards and the work is very slow. I'm just one person working on this but if I can reveal the ideas behind this mod, then I'll let anyone decide what should really go into it but then I'll have to see what exactly is needed to support a quality total conversion mod.

The time travel or teleport idea has stuck on. The game starts in the Unreal original universe and completely teleport the character somewhere. Time travel or just a teleport device, who knows. The player lands in a canyon like place and tries to survive like the original Unreal.

So here's a major change and that is the enemies will be now robots and only robots. Because the weapons designs of mine look very close to what could be made in anyone's backyard, so it would be more realistic if I included human like characters in the mod, so that's a bad design choice on my part, so instead... I've replaced all the enemies to robots instead.

Enemies change

I know they are blue at the moment and still look like humans but I will texture them to make them look like robots. It's steampunk or whatever on robotics. I have also changed the premise of the game but there's not much work I would need to get those changes in the mod and then I'll made something that's makes sense as a mod and I will address these soon to make it more like a mod for Unreal.

Enemies change

Enemies change

I have managed to get all the weapons from the weapons collection into the mod with ease as planned, so that paid off and they fit with the original avatars. I had to cut out my own avatars designs because technically, they were almost impossible to fit the weapons from 3rd view onto them, so that had taken a long time and didn't find how to get those weapons on there with the kind of programs out there (it's not the UDK folks, it's UE1) but mod wise, it makes sense because I may aswell have made the avatars if I was really making an indie game. It is eerie seeing a character from Unreal run around a world close to a world close to ours, so I may have to get the design of the world changed also because of that, so that's something exciting for me to work on and get planned and made.


I would like to have cartoon-like style in this mod as it is a rarity to see this in games.

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ProblemSolva Author

Yeah I thought that would be great but as a mod and after the feedback I received on Steam Greenlight, many others thought that a mod should look better like an Unreal Gold game itself in terms of how it looks.

... but it wouldn't mean I discount the idea. I have ideas to make cartoon like models for other mod projects for Unreal Gold in the future.

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