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One of adam's main features are it's visuals. So let's take a closer look at adam's art style...

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adam is our second full game as a studio. We're very early into developing it, but we've been able to put together a short demo for game expos and alike. We've been getting a bunch of rad feedback, which has been incredible! We've also had a lot of inquires about adam's art style so I figured I'd take the time to break it down a little bit here!

{ the first floor of Adam's house }

We kept adam black and white for one main reason. Working in black and white means tone, shape and lighting are your key tools for building the world. It also most definitely lends itself to adam's overtly bleak tone as well! (Although we'll be bringing in small amounts of colour to punctuate aspects of the narrative)

The top-down/Isomeric view was a very early design choice. We figured the design constraints of working in this view would be fun in terms of creating a strong and lasting atmosphere! Plus the clean geometric layout of the rooms and the dirty grunge of everything else is a fun little mix and match!

{ Asset from Adam's ground floor }

We're playing up to our talents by working mostly in 2D. But it's been exiting working 3D modeling and photography into adam's 2D hand drawn elements. By building aspects of the game in 3D it allows us real freedom with whats possible, especially when composing images for Adam to take a closer look at

{ Close up view of the record player. Displayed when Adam interacts with the table }

We're rendering layouts and outputting images from blender, then in Photoshop we can process images and bring in extra elements and style out the lighting as well as export things into flash, then output em again as sprites and pngs for us to use in unity. Lots of fun mixed media going on!

We're knee deep into the writing process for adam right now as well working on music and audio, and we'll soon be exploring the steam green-light process. But we're looking forward to keeping ya'll up to date on adam's progress as and when we have fun stuff to show!

Visit the adam website

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