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I am making a very very very ..."Portal-like" game : Mirror Gun. I will share my thoughts here and if you have any question, please leave it here. Thank you!

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I am making a very very very ..."Portal-like" game : Mirror Gun.

It is a First Person Puzzle game, like Portal, you hold a gun, not a portal gun, but a mirror gun.

Like Portal, if you shoot a wall, a white wall, there will be a mirror placed on this wall, and then you can enter this mirrored space, remember that there is only one mirror all the time, so now if you shoot a ceiling, the mirror will be placed on the ceiling instead.

But what the joy is it? It sounds boring~~~

Nope, It definitely not, you will see the funny thing...... I will keep showing them here while developing it.

There will be several mechanics and items, some is used in Portal, for example, the cube, you know the cube is primarily used to press the button and open the door, here it is also, but the cube is special, pressing the button if not enough to open the door, you should use the mirror.

And I will add action elements to this game, for example, bouncing, shooting in the air. I enjoy them when I play Portal.

Please feel free to talk to me here if you have interest or have any thoughts, thank you!

Sorry for my poor English, hope you can understand what I have said.

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