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The destiny of Etherlings kingdom and article about events, which came after the death of king Khruntin Haraldsson.

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The destiny of Etherlings kingdom

As you know, king Haraldsson was killed by mystic daemonic creature. In the story "Cursed Etherr" you can read many things and understand the situation in the planet Etherr. Now I want to tell you about events, which came after the death of Haraldsson and destiny of earl Rogvold. This will not be in the book, but I want to tell you now.

After the death of king Haraldsson and his son, power was came to his wife Amalasunta. She tried to defend her kingdom against all enemies, but her health was very bad. She was too weak against all bad events and soon she died. Power came to Nobles council with earl Rogvold. Earl Rogvold the Fairhair started to be Supreme Ruler of the kingdom. He wasn`t king, but he was like Regent. Nobles didn`t want kings anymore, because they wanted to make new government system.

But earl Rogvold didn't want to be like doll in Nobles hands. He made conspiracy against Nobles and with big army decided to kill them all. Soon he discovered that one of nobles was servant of Yotuns. He discovered also that Yotuns wanted to capture Etherlings Kingdom by the hand of their agents. Warriors of Rogvold called him like a High King of Etherlings.

Rogvold started to be king of all realm. He created the System of Beardsmen, which members watched on work of other earls and governors. Rogvold was dictator but people loved him. Fairhair king - that was his nickname in the all Etherlings society. Soon Rogvold discovered another bad things in his realm. He found some dark cults in the realm. All dark lovers were punished by the hands of Rogvold. After the incident with Ragnar and death of Haraldsson, Rogvold started to be darkness hater.

Soon many wars came to Etherlings realm. Mirandesan noble, who have name Garcias Benino, called himself as High King of Mirandesa and killed all governors. Mirandesan lands were under protectorate of Etherlings, and Rogvold found actions of Garcias as new war. Rogvold Fairhair sent big army against Mirandesan rebels and destroyed their forces. Garcias was killed by Rogvold in the Mirandesa capital. He cut off his head.

After the year, Arngrim forces came to the Etherlings capital. They started to attack from sea and tried to capture city. Arngrim High Chief Fanjabarian Semion Pavol leaded his forces to victory. Rogvold wasn`t in the city in that moment. When he returned to capital, he found that city was burned and all people there were killed by Arngrims. The victim of Arngrims was also the wife of Rogvold Fairhair. It was awful day.

Soon Rogvold created biggest army and tried to make his revenge. He found the positions of Arngrim army and attacked in the night. That night after some years, started to be called as Night of Black Massacre. Rogvold Fairhair killed almost 2 000 Arngrims in the battle. Fanjabarian Semion Pavol was killed very slowly. Rogvold cut off his hands at first and after that he started to crush his body several minutes. High Chief of Arngrims was dead immediately, but Rogvold continued to crush his body. Warriors around saw that and tried to stop their king, but he killed them too.

Arngrim army was completely destroyed in the Night of Black Massacre. Soon Arngrims never appeared in the Etherlings kingdom. Rogvold the Fairhair was good king for his people, but after some years he died from the plague. He haven`t got sons or daughters, so he was the last king of his dynasty. After the death of Rogvold Fairhair, Nobles in the realm finished all Kings ruling. The government system was changed to democracy. The ruler of Etherlings started to be Earl Hrolf. He was the first man, who have presidents functions in his country. That was destiny of Etherlings kingdom.

It started to have another name - Etherlings Republic! Power of the people! Power of the Freedom!


It is good to have an aftermath!

Nice call, Alex. Very detailed and you are covering most of the Angles.
Net goodies are always pleasant additions to the whole experience.

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Very interesting my friend
I wonder, will the Etherlings still be as effective under a government as they where under a king?

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BagaturKhan Author

Kings were like dictators and autocratic monarches there. But Etherling people always wanted something like democracy.

Etherlings ancestors tribes have Ting in their government and it was like Parliament. Kings destroyed this kind of government system and their monarchy was till the death of Rogvold.

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Of course they wanted a democracy. Democracies are awesome! Regardless, you skills as a writer get better and better, BagaturKhan.

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