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To sum up what has happened in Orion, we have switched around some game mechanics in The Decay to create something much more in depth and open. Have a read and find out.

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On the 26th June we made an announcement, stating a new open world zombie simulator The Decay would be releasing. But here at Orion, we made a switch around. knowing we could never live up to the hype of other games, we decided to do something different. Something that the players themselves can be more involved in. That is Alone in the Wasteland.

In a world consumed by a radioactive virus, only a select few people were immune. They survived and multiplied, having to survive in a new, devastated world. You follow a survivor in Texas, USA, after Earth has been devoured, and transformed into a desolate wasteland. You will fight a variety of different creatures, horrible mutated animals and thugs. You choose what side you're on, the Political, being the last remanding survivors of the government. Or the Prosperous ones, a group who believe the virus was gods doing.

There are many ways the player can interact, with their own choices, written commands, and even using their face as their character to add immersion to the game. We want to create a world where people can fully immerse themselves in and play for the story, and for fun. This game has a linear, yet open world story. When completed, the player can continue to explore the wasteland in all its glory. We have prepared some Prototype footage from out first tests and pitches. This is footage of a new prototype of a game, previously known as 'The Decay', we now use the codename 'Alone in the Wasteland'. This footage is only to show what kind of game we are developing and does in no way represent the final product. Everything is going to be redone and remastered.

Oh, and an update on Xeno, that game is still moving alone steadily with a hopeful 2015 release, and is much improved over first builds. Much the same with Paranoia, each will come out in due time, patience my friends.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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