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Darkmatter Development has alot of concepts in the freezer at the moment. Many of these concepts are wild ideas, some might be concepts which can become fruitful. One of these concepts is being released to the public.

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Hey all,

Darkmatter Development, which has been in existance for over 3 years by now, has alot of concepts in the so called 'freezer'. This freezer contains over 20 full-blown concepts for games at the moment.

Many concepts are just very wild ideas which only focuss on a single aspect of things we see as an issue. Some concepts can be considered full-blown game concepts, which explain every aspect of how such a game should work. These concepts are seen by DD as 'viable'.

One of these concepts, the 'asteroid raiders' concept, will be released to the public. Our ideology behind this is that we want to see this concept being implemented as soon as possible. You will see that we're going to use this approach more often. We have a strong belief in the Open Source software community. As such, we are going to share our experiences, share information and try not to keep ideas for ourselves, but to try to get them implemented as soon as we can. The Open Source community is ideal to get this happened.

The asteroid raiders concept may be used for your own uses and games, as long as you keep a reference intact that you used our concept (referring to my name, which you can find on my profile), or just note that the 'Star Apocalypse - Asteroid Raiders' concept was used.

Also, as by this, I give everyone the right to share and build upon this concept, as long as you credit me for the work I've done.

It would be cool to see versions of this concept implemented soon!

I don't see this as a danger to me or DD, but more as a dawn of new opportunities. And those opportunities will lead to new opportunities. We like to see the people create by themselves, and that they are involved in a vibrant community. That's what we're looking for.

Till the next time!
Roberto 'dirtbag007' Moretti

PS: download links are located in the 3 times 'asteroid raiders' is noted. They go to a google docs page.

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