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This is a small bugfix release but improves two core areas with gameplay: Blackjack and AI behavior.

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( Blackjack Image from RailGun's mission "Trapped!" )

Announcing TDM 1.05!

This update is primarily a bugfix release, though
there are a couple new assets, animations, new particle system features, an LOD "memory manager", and a useful new "alarm entity" added by Tels to create area-wide alerts for AI.

The unofficial "Key Brightener" has been made part of the mod now due to popular request.

Grayman has worked on a number
of AI pathfinding fixes and improvements.

New Horizon has tweaked our
blackjacking collision boxes to make KOs more reliable--feedback
suggests that this removes most of the difficulties some people were
having with blackjacking.

This update also fixes some problems that
were introduced in the last update, including crashes on certain

Run tdm_update.exe to download the new update.
Note: While missions are fully compatible
with this release, you can NOT load any previously saved games after
updating to 1.05. If you're in the middle of playing a mission, you
might want to finish it before updating.



Good thing I held out on downloading the 1.04 update.

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Why is a ***** on the table?!

*joking :P

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nbohr1more Author


That was a surprise, I was actually expecting somebody to make a poop joke...

Whether frozen-poop or industrial strength marital aid, you will find that in v1.05 you can more easily knock-out someone with it.


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