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The new version of the FREE real time strategy game "The Cursed" fixes lots of bugs and game play issues. Moreover it introduces some candies like King of the Hill game mode for multiplayer (credits to zwzsg and Smoth) and Boss units for the survival mode.

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Major changes 1.00 => 1.10

Game play:
- Survival mode: added Boss units
- Survival mode: early and late waves are easier now
- added King of the Hill game mode from GUNDAM (credits to zwzsg and Smoth)
- replaced the priest's healing aura with the "focus aura" (increasing the accuracy (+33%) and fire range (+20%) of friendly units); priest can repair quickly now
- balanced the costs and hit points of the imperial Ripper and the cursed Bonebeast

- fixed aura bug (units kept the bonus after leaving the aura)
- fixed corpses staying on the battlefield: units will decay after 1 minute (exception: dead belial and mancbus will stay longer to give you a chance to resurrect them), buildings after 5 minutes
- fixed the footprints of many corpses
- fixed cursed defender's aiming behaviour

Game's appearance:
- replaced the ghoul's model
- updated some sounds
- added skull radar dots for angels and bone dragons
- added buildpics for the scaffold features and the PIG

- added a mod option to toggle cheating AI on/off
- cleanup some mess in the feature directories
- optimised some collision spheres

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