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the current key control way till v0.820-----------------

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The current control mode (due to frequent updates, the control mode is constantly changed and optimized, but I am lazy to organize the updated content, so the latest changes of the control keys are explained in real time first here, and other changes are based on the historical update record) :

First of all, it is suggested to change the original Q and R binding system keys to avoid conflicts with skills.

T Switch to third person mode (default mode and full body view mode, in which the default mode of the war group will have the target, Butcher and LOL robots with hook skills only default state of the war group in third person camera)

M Switch to third person and MOBA-RTS camera mode, n Switch to two different RTS modes in RTS mode (player-centered adjustable Angle of RTS camera control, and uncentered panning screen fixed Angle of RTS camera control)

In third person mode, the skill button is QSER, and in RTS mode, the skill button is QWER.

Hero is divided into melee and ranged hero, produce aggression is: the condition of the third person mode melee attack button to the left mouse button of the hero, but must be the within, the enemy ranged attack button to the left of the hero CTRL, RTS melee heroes and remote attack button to the left of the hero CTRL, but you must have the enemy melee heroes for a certain scope.Cast ability and taunt can no longer be attacked. Attacks stop movement and standby behavior.

All hero movement buttons can only use WAD in third person mode, that is, MOBA hero has no backward behavior, and mouse click ground position to move in RTS mode.

Keypad 1-8 corresponds to the item skills of inventory, in which the hero card items can be used in the field of battle to summon other heroes, the initial hero needs to be selected in the encampment screen.

Alt on the left is to use taunt action, taunt can only be used to interrupt, otherwise taunt action is not completed before the move and attack.

In RTS mode, ZXVB commands all/select units to stop moving/follow the player, holds down the left mouse button and pulls the selection box to select units, U calls the giant trebuchet and controls it (but the trebuchet is cast by people), and Y cancels the summoned trebuchet.

Press Ctrl on the right of any scene to enter the League of Legends scene for preview.Half-life hero will switch between third person and CS first person mode by pressing the same skill button. Left button to fire, right button to load, CTRL on the left to fire continuously. Press the skill key once and then press different skill keys to directly switch different types of CS first person weapons.

Dwarf helicopter W moves forward, AD is descending and ascending respectively.

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