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FAQ about multi for xbox360... what can i say more?.... its really sad its only for xbox...:(

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It was recently revealed that EA and Crytek will be hosting a small multiplayer tech test on Xbox 360. In this article you can find a full FAQ to address any confusion you may have. After reading through our FAQ if you still have further questions you can post them in the comments section and get responses from Crytek staff.

What is the purpose or goal of this multiplayer test?
The Crysis 2 multiplayer test was created for development reasons, to help with server load testing and to gather early gameplay feedback from shooter fans. It has not been created to act as a demo or preview.

How is this multiplayer test different than a beta?
This test differs from a beta in many important ways. First and foremost, a beta is generally feature-completed. Our test is being conducted very early in our development schedule, and as such many features have not yet been implemented. Additionally, Crysis 2’s multiplayer will be polished increasingly more as development continues, so you may experience bugs, imbalance issues, or other quirks that would have already been fixed if this was a beta. This test is also very small-scale.

How can I participate in this Crysis 2 multiplayer test?
Participants have already been chosen amongst our community members. Our test is development focused and very small-scale, making it quite unlike the full-scale beta that many games have recently run. Because of this we are unable to offer additional opportunities to participate, although we certainly appreciate your enthusiasm and interest!

Will there be a full beta for Crysis 2 at a later time?
We currently do not have plans for a large-scale multiplayer beta, but as development of Crysis 2 continues we may evaluate the option at a later point. We will be certain to keep you informed on

Will you provide more details regarding the content that the testers got to play?
We will be discussing our multiplayer more in the future (keep an eye on!), but at the moment we aren’t releasing any new details. In fact, the levels, modes, and weapons that testers had a chance to play have already been shown at Gamescom and other events, so you aren’t missing out on any cool unseen features!

Why isn’t the ‘beta’ on PC/PS3?!!!
CryEngine 3 allows us to develop Crysis 2 similarly on all three of our platforms – PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. While we’re marching ahead quickly on all three platforms, at this time we’re just testing the Xbox 360 game architecture.

I got invited! How do I get my key?
The invitation email you received recently as a MyCrysis community member was an opportunity to formally declare your interest in the multiplayer test. We will allocate and send out keys for the test soon, but it’s important to note that this test is very small-scale and unfortunately not everyone will be able to participate.

I am a member on MyCrysis but didn’t get an email, how can I apply?
At this point we are not longer accepting additional multiplayer test participants. Stay tuned for other exciting updates!


Oh **** you, Crytek, for betraying the PC community.

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I wouldn't go that far, but it is kinda a low blow. Passing up your original fans for the console gamers who do not appreciate and enjoy the work you have put into the previous 2 games.

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