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Recently, some of the visitors told us about a strange issue they had found while playing this mod, even if all the files had been installed:

While playing some specific missions, the game crashed and they got an error message saying that the game exceeded 400 fx assets...

But thanks for Marcomix now we know what's might be causing the problem.

Well, we are terribly sorry to inform all of you that this mod (and possibly the Fall of Berlin mod) couldn't not possible to play on a non-steam version.

Thus, what we could recommend for now is to play this mod on the Steam version only (1.6 version). And we extremely apologize for all the inconvenience...

We also have the other new, an updated version of the Pacific Theater mod is coming soon! It contains a better version of US POW's texture, increasing of M1A1 Thompson's appearance for Raiders, and remove some of the weapons textures.

Please stay tuned!

*Update* V.1.2 was finally released! Enjoy!

*Update#2* V.1.2.2 (alternate version) was also released! It just slightly increases the Marines AI's accuracy and Garand's appearance. You can stick with the 1.2 version if you like, in case if you are one of those who already downloaded the first version. But for newcomers, I'd suggest you guys to download the newer 1.2.2 version.


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