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The countdown to V0.7 is on its way! Things in green are in the Mod and working all other colours are WIP. If you like our mod, be sure to vote for us!

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Features that are in Green text are done.

-Lords all Tweaked(Difficulty to defeat in battle depends on their rank.. IE:General, Lieutenant, King, Lord. You won't need 2 hours to defeat a lord.)
-Around 30+ lords per faction.(The chaos war sure is chaotic)
-Holy Council New Siege Scene
-Fenin Kingdom New Siege Scene
-Northern Kingdom New Siege Scene

-Barbarian New Siege Scene
-Call Horse to you in battle
-Call Reinforcements in Battle
-Over 20 waves of Reinforcements/Enemy Reinforcements per Battle

-3 Long Side Quests(1/3 Finished)
-Dark Legion is much stronger. Dark Knights are calvary and they are given a few new units. An Infantry Unit and A Long Range unit.
-Fight as one of your Companions in battle.
-Instead of building Ladders in Siege, you will build Battering Rams to break down the gate.
-New Weapons and Armors Added
-Some Barbarians have shields.

-Companions Dialogs Fixed.
-Companions may lead parties!

-The Masked One can now be Killed

WARNING:Attack a City... Prepare to lose hundreds! Yes!! HUNDREDS!

... I may have left some stuff out...

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