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We've just released a singleplayer skirmish AI in the latest patch of The Cosmos is MINE!

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Hello everyone!
After an eventful weekend of server-wrestling following a comically destructive power outage, we finally have the Cosmos Early Access v0.02 patch live. Thanks to all our players who have been very patient with us while we sorted everything out.

New Features

Single player skirmish mode

This was by far the most requested feature for this patch, sitting at 67 votes on UserVoice. We'd like to thank UserVoice member Kevin for suggesting it in the first place and everyone else for voting it up. The UserVoice idea will now be marked as delivered and all votes returned, so please come back and use your spare votes to upvote other ideas!

The AI is still in a very early state, so it's more annoying than challenging right now, but we can improve it over time, particularly if a very challenging AI is a priority for everyone. UserVoice is the place to tell us about that.

Clicking solo mode in the game now has the following features:

  • Solo mode now includes an optional AI player.
  • Players can now choose to play on either Pebble or Plateau planets
  • Players can choose a game mode: Solo play, play vs AI in 1v1, play vs AI in 2v2.

Teamplay updates
Players on the same team now share and spawn units at the same base.
Animus extractors that are built by allies now share animus between all team members.

Tech upgrade description text has been added

Bug fixes
Frame rate is now capped at 60 instead of infinity. Sorry to all the GPUs we stressed out, and thanks to user toqueteos for pointing this bug out to us in this thread on the forums.

Known issues

  • Digitizing is not well optimized. Having lots of engineers digitizing will slow down the simulation (You can see this happening when the game timer counts very slowly).
  • If a player disconnects during the game launch sequence or a network desynchronisation occurs, all players have to restart the game before starting a new match.
  • Capturing territory with an AI player in the game will cause all territory capture markers to appear at the top of the world.
  • Occasionally, animus extractors do not build on animus mines.

Again, we'd like to thank everyone for their contributions to our UserVoice page and for posting on the forums. We are extremely grateful for the engagement that people are showing here. Our development process is, quite literally, just working through the UserVoice suggestions in order of votes, so getting involved in suggesting and voting on ideas there is the most valuable feedback we can get.

Also don't forget that this Friday from 10:00AM to 12:00pm AEST (that's THURSDAY 5PM to 7PM PST) we'll all be online playing Cosmos (the devs, that is). Please come join us!

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