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First! About my english... English is NOT my native language, so if you
don't understand something what I wroted, please ask, that I should
write that part some other way to get it readable. ;)

I have played The Settlers since the game series came available. I found
it a very good therapy for tired brains.

BlueByte, the author of the game, got 7 playable series ready. Started
with lego style graphics and ended fantasy graphics.

After S7, BlueByte coded OnLine version, which was and which is a
totally flop. It seems, that their newest Settlers 8 will be an even
greater flop with (rumours) 100% net online requirements and
partially streamed game engine.

So. Settlers saga is over since BlueBYte ruins it totally.

But. Who cares. Settlers series 2-4 got me thinking, that with current
game engines and game tools almost everyone can clone Settlers style
game within reasonable efforts. So, let's go.

I started coding c# routines for my WP8 phone at somewhere december
2014. It didn't take a long time, when a group of little workers runs on
my phone screen. Hovewer. It was a little frustrating to code even easiest
physics routines with pure C#, so I had to find something better way to
do this game.

Finally, I found a game engine with proper tools from Unity3D. I spent
an one evening to check and test unity's functions, graphics and physics
engine and noticed, that this is what I need.

So. There we are. I write a code from 1 to 4 hours / day and fixing premade
animations to suit my needs.

Unfortunately I have my day job too and sometimes I feel a quite tired
to do anything with my game code. It would be more than nice, that
someone else, who have an artists talent, could make game scene levels
and graphics objects to them... but... ;)

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