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this is all about the citadel life lore please if you want to avoid spoilers feel free to not read this

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This is about the lore of the Elite slayer in the present day of HL2 EP2 An Elite combine unit volunteered to the experiment of time travelling and when the time machine malfunction's the Elite Unit Sends Him to the year 1223 BTBB ( Before The Big Bang ) and the night Sentinel's found the Elite Unit And Takes Him To The Castle And The Combine Elite Unit Meet's The Three Hell Priest's And The Hell priest Opinion is What A Unique Species and they open the mask and it's just a slaved species that looks soulless but it has a soul there is a hole on his front neck known as a Human Modification he was sent to the healing station of the castle and there is a machine that heals and when the process complete the elite unit looks like a default male_09, and he's real is John Arthur Calhoun Nicknamed Arthur yes he was a sibling of Barney Calhoun The Security Guard Of Black Mesa. And The Night Sentinels We're Shock That What They Have Scene And Call The Three Hell Priest and one of them said This is "Davoth's creation why is it here one" of the night sentinels said "he was created in the date June 21 1986" And One of the hell priest said "I think We've got time traveler". and he is put in slavery and next year Maykr Is now Going to recruit the combine unit because do to of his brain analyzes and he is smart and skilled so that's why. and while in training the elite soldier is very skilled at ripping a zombies spine and after the war of deafeating the icon of sin the elite slayer was worshiped and deserved his rest to stasis TO BE CONTINUED TO THE FULL GAME.

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