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There is this very unfair and prejudiced phrase in the Polish language called „kocia muzyka”. You can roughly translate it to „cat’s music”. It means that this particular music doesn’t sound too great, that it’s more like a loud racket than real music. But, dammit! It’s not true and it’s racist as hell!

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First of all, we cats are very talented and devoted to our music. You can say it’s like second nature to us! Second of all, I know what you are thinking. Paws would be a bit problematic if one were to dream of becoming a world famous instrumentalist. Alas, overcoming adversity is our forte! Nothing, I say nothing is impossible for a committed cat with a well defined objective in his life. Are you familiar with the Keyboard Cat? No?! And you call yourself a fan of music? You probably don’t even know Catman John either.

Regardless of your naivety, we have done everything in our power to ensure the soundtrack for The Chronicles of Nyanya would be the most epic, purrific and engaging OST you’ve ever heard. The tracks were composed by the one and only Marcin Maślanka – renown sound designer, composer, musician, keyboardist and cat lover. Some tracks are so touching, they make our inner cat purr. I’ve even brought you a small sample – listen:

The Chronicles of Nyanya will be out on 16th Furrbruary, so purrease add it to your wishlist to enjoy the game and the soundtrack in all it’s full orchestral glory!


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