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Meet a part of your crew, as you get to meet more of them over the course of our Indiegogo campaign.

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As with any good boss of a criminal organization, you need to know who does what, and what they're capable of. Know their strengths and weaknesses to make sure heists go smoothly. Meet the first two characters, what they do, and what they struggle with.

You can see the characters on our Indiegogo page first here:

The Safecracker

Name: Isabel Rodriguez

Age: 24

Role: Safecracker

Specialties: Lockpicking, Architecture, Physics, Explosives

Strengths: Very intelligent. Knows how to get into a place when needed

Weaknesses: Does not like killing. Panics under pressure.

Educational Background: Degree in Architecture

Work Background: Former Architect at Valdez and Carpio Construction Firm - Terminated due to Breach of Contract for Estafa

The Enforcer

Name: Meifen (Katherine) Gan

Age: 27

Role: Enforcer

Specialties: Intimidation. Close Quarters Combat.

Strengths: Persuasive. Kills without Hesitation. Knows how to control a crowd.

Weaknesses: Very distrusting towards other people, even allies.

Educational Background: High School

Work Background: Former Triad - Moved to Philippines to watch Shabu Operations

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