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Added news screens, a gameplay video, and a blog entry since the last update.

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Big updates on The Challenger Deep 2 mod.

New screenshots.
A game play video.

Well, its nearly done. Just am working on videos now, going through the maps, checking for anything missing in files. I'm pretty happy with the mod. Been at it for off and on 7 years or so. It's gone through so many changes. I had 30 some maps built, long ago, but then decided to retexture the whole thing from scratch. One of the beta testers suggested ideas to have a different beginning, so I rebuilt all of that...several different times. Another tester came back with so many different findings and suggestions. The beta testers have been awesome. I'd love to release this in the next week or so, but I wont. I need to sit on it for a little longer. I need to let it settle and then go through it again with some fine tooth combs.But I like it. Its alot of fun. I cant wait to share it with ya
Check it out! It's coming out very soon!


You know, if you include screenshots in your news article it's more likely to be shown on moddb's front page... Just saying. :P

Looking forward to playing this.

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