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Challenging demo version of Dead Meets Lead released.

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The Captain has found himself lost deep in the swamplands. Wandering about, he comes across a small clearing. Something is wrong though… The stench of zombies is in the air, the sound of their growls can be heard in the distance. Before he has time to realize what’s about to happen, he’s completely swarmed with zombies and has no choice but to stand his ground and fight it out. Will he survive or will he not? It’s up to you now.

Take the role of The Captain and stand your ground against the gruesome zombies swarming you in what we call; The Challenge. The Challenge is a specially designed one map demo version of Dead Meets Lead in which you fend off hordes of attacking zombies, charging towards you in wave after wave. Beware though, it’s not called The Challenge for nothing. How many waves of attacks can you survive? Those few who manage to survive all of the waves are granted a place in the prestigious Dead Meets Lead Hall of Fame.

"We’ve done quite a bit of testing with this map, both in-house and with our beta testers from the forum, and we’re really positive about the outcome. The idea with the map is to really tease all the competitive and skilled gamers out there in a ‘How far can you get’ kind of way. The map is by no means impossible, but if you want to be among the lucky few on the Hall of Fame, be prepared to play this map a few times."
- Fredrik Norén, CEO, Keldyn Interactive

To get started, head over to the The Challenge page and download the client, or download the game through Desura or by hitting the button below. Don’t forget to sign up for the facebook event first though!


Read the full press release.

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