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I was fairly vague initially discussing what this project is all about. Well. Here is your answer.

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Lehrmoor was originally conceived as a spiritual side-story for the now canceled project "Truce" under the name "The Castle on the Mountain".
Thankfully, the cancellation did not effect the overall story save for some minute story connections.

The project itself was inspired by an abandoned manor in Hamilton, Ontario, named Auchmar Estates.
The level layout and design was based upon old photographs taken inside during the manor's heyday.
It actually rather difficult to try and accurately recreate it but overall, it worked out.
Interestingly; Auchmar was named after a house in Loch Lomond which this mod is based in.

Of course, like any other old manor, it also has its ghost stories, one such story told of a creature which secluded itself to the cellar. These stories played a heavy hand within Lehrmoor's foundation.

The Castle on The Mountain

When initially starting this page, I was a bit vague about its story. By now, I hope you have somewhat caught the jist. Abandoned gloomy Scottish manor, oppressive atmosphere, a peculiar entanglement for our protagonist to unravel.

If that still wasn't enough, then I'll be nice...

You play as Silvia Black, a debt collector who is contacted by the owner of a plot in Dundern Avenue.
He sold the plot over a year ago to a recluse named Judith Ives, who after purchasing the plot, constructed Lehrmoor Estates, a 2-story Gothic manor in the centre of Ancaster Park. The landowner has requested that you go to the manor and collect what is owed to him. Upon arriving at the manor, your knocks at the front door go unanswered, your calls to Ms. Ives met with silence on the other side of the door. You turn to leave but not before catching sight of a figure, a shadow, darting from the second floor window. Suddenly, the sound of a door slamming echos from inside the seemingly empty manor... and twice more, until a pained cry is heard coming from the top floor. After one well placed kick to the side door, you enter Lehrmoor Estates...

Parting Words

I'm slowly getting back into working on this project. I've been fairly busy working with my other half and Hornet with Dream On as well as other work we're involved in but I will have some time coming up to get back into the swing of things. I aim to update this page with new media within the following weeks.

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