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In this update we are showing off The Cargonauts in flight. This is our first test to get them moving around with their jet packs working properly and with some basic placeholder models.

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Cargonauts 1

In this update we are playing with The Cargonauts and getting them to fly for the first time. Everything is a WIP and using placeholder models, but they successfully flew! The rockets themselves are change-able depending on what type of speed you are going for. Each piece on the back can be changed out with several types of rockets and everything uses rocket fuel, which is a resource that everyone uses in someway, even Monstro.

Cargonauts 2

We are still working on getting the islands fully formed as well, but this should all give you a glimpse at the islands, different rocket types, and The Cargonauts in action. In the future we will be able to show them off in video format, but for now we are hard at work at creating a full prototype to show off as we get closer and closer to PAX in August. The next update will be all about Monstro!

First Wonder Island Concept 2

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