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Canals is a simple mod with a focus on fun combat and interesting mapping. There is no true story here, just a mod that is fun to play to kill a few hours. This mod was created for me to create a string of maps that work together, to give my mapping some direction, and to allow me to work at my own pace to create a final product. I hope you enjoy playing this one as much as I enjoy making it.

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Hello everyone, and welcome the The Canals home page! The Canals is a new mod for Half-Life 2 can read the summery to understand what I was just about to say. Anyway, I personally found the Canals section of Half Life 2 to be one of the more memorable and fun sections of the game. So I suppose you could consider this a tribute and/or extension of that. Keep in mind that I am currently working alone, though I have a few friends willing to help, so any progress will be very, very slow for the time being; this is exaggerated by the fact that I am a bust college student. Anyway, please comment on all of my work, I am always looking to improve myself and my maps. The more comments and suggestions, the better the mod will get. Thanks for the visit, and have a nice day.

Thank you,

Reeze The Vampire

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