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The changelog is posted below this, as usual. I switched to a different format which will hopefully feel less cluttered.

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This new updates fixes A LOT of things, also adds some new things too!

V0.2.0 Beta Changes

Minor weapon stat changes
Victory Point Control with ATC, quickstart and no popcap game modes added
Vehicle, tank and AT ranges re-worked
Direct Fire accuracy modifier on artillery removed, artillery will be just as accurate in direct fire as they are normally
General UI text changes
More abilities enabled for use when a squad is garrisoned
Changed squad files for the US M3 37mm AT gun
King Tiger/Jagdpanther call-ins are now one at a time, not only one

United States Army:
US Supply Yard gets back a scrapped third upgrade
US Airborne receives mines
US paratroopers will automatically camouflage when standing still
US Riflemen bazooka upgrade fixed, it will now show up
Updated Sherman(76)W model
Triage Center range increased to 30 from 15
US M3A1 Half-Track changed around a bit

British Infantry Sections(Including Pipers and Canadians) can be upgraded with ALL squad upgrades, limit of 1 per
Bren Gun upgrade gives one(1) Bren
Changed Bren Gun damage from 5 to 7
Rifle Grenades upgrade gives one(1) Rifle Grenade
Added a Medical Package upgrade to British Infantry Sections for 40 muni, gives an aura of healing when used for 30 seconds
British Recon Squads can build trenches again
Brit commandos will automatically camouflage when standing still
British Glider HQ has a Commando Sniper
British Gliders will now camouflage automatically
British Sherman M4A4 is now 350 MP, 65 fuel(Same as the US M4A3), production time is 60 seconds, updated description
British receives an M5 Half-Track, located in Field Support HQ
British Medical Supplies range increased to 30 from 24
British Royal Canadian Artillery gives a Canadian M4A3 Sherman(76)W which can function as a cheaper and more infantry-effective alternative to the Firefly but reduced armor-fighting capabilities, replacing the M4A4 Sherman
British Casualty Clearing Station now heals troops automatically
When British infantry use the Medical Kit ability, they will be slowed down
British Armored HQ truck has a smokescreen upgrade for Shermans
British Casualty Clearing Station costs changed from 180 MP, 15 Fuel to 250 MP

StuH 42s are producible in the Sturm Armory, Blitzkrieg "Urban Assault Tactics" is required
Wehrmacht can call in King Tigers for a maximum of 2 at a time
Wehrmacht Medical Bunkers will heal troops automatically
Wehrmacht Bunkers can have two upgrades
Panzerfaust range increased from 30 to 40
Reward Campaign Tiger Ace movement and turret rotation speed reduced, matches the normal Tiger

Panzer Elite:
PaK 40 UI text changed
Panzer Elite MG34 team invincibility fixed, they're not anymore
Panzer Elite Tank Destroyer doctrine receives a King Tiger
PaK 40 will receive veterancy now

You can get the newest version riiiiiiiiiiiiight over here. The Bush Mod V0.2.0

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