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In 2036, the Eurasian Security is at War with the Robotic North American Task Force, the Chinese Iron Dragon; Master of Electronic Warfare, the Mysterious and hostile 4th Reich of Russia who rises of the ash of old Russia to unite the world under one new Tzarist Russia and Rebelous GLA who had entered now 21st Century Warfare with their fleet of Warbuggys and Airforce and Dronebombs. Eurasia's only 'friend' is the heavily armed but Noble NGO Company of Liberty. War is now!

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Political Map of the World of Frontlines of Terror:
Brown: 4th Reich of Russia Provinces

Red: Chinese Iron Dragon and their Installations

Black: Khazachstan, under control of the NGO 'Company of Liberty'

Blue: North America Task Force and their Battlestations

Green: Global Liberation Army Bases

Orange: Eurasian Security Welfare States

Mixed: Battlefields of the Factions

The Year is 2036, The Entire Eurasian Continent (Europe, the Balkan,
and the Middleast) and most of Africa are under control of the Eurasia
Security; founded by Turkey, Japan, and Several Euro-Corporations like
Evans Corp; a combiantion of Companies who used a Political Hole of the
Anti-Megacorp Decree ("As long you provide food, Material goods and
Energy, you can use limited political power over that Area")To seize
controll of this landmasses. Europe was almost as bankrupt as Africa and
Asia, creating faminines (periods of hunger), pandemie of deadly
disease like Antrax and natural catastrophes over Eurasia. This eased
the size of Eurasia for the Security before America, Russia and China
and also the GLA could conquer them. They now 'supply' these so called
welfare states with overpriced products of average quality.

The 4th Reich of Russia was created when Russian Nationalism
overthrow the first Russian President of Georgian Descent, in 2026. This
Chaos caused Russia to effectly collapsing and its division to over
thirty micronations controlled by Warlords and the Russian Mafia (which
worked together). It was the end of the state Russia. But In these
Chaotic Days, a mysterious man only known as YURI has declared that he
will unite Russia again as a new Tzarist Empire. YURI has, by dubios
means still unknown, amassed large bases of Followers. Military People,
Workers and scientists he convinced them to join him for his Crusade to
unite Russia again. There are Rumors of Disk Shaped Aircraft armed with
Purple Laser and Electronical Energy Weapons used by his military

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