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Here's a full* and complete list of all of the changes this mod makes at the current version. *Almost entirely full. New things are usually added a bit later.

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  • All Dozers/Workers repair at 10% instead of 2%. Skycrane repairs at 5%.
  • Dozers can be hijacked again.
  • All factions have at least 1 artillery unit with 500 range to out-range the artillery platforms. Except China Tank, boo.
  • Command Centers and Superweapons have more health.
  • Three types of Tech Artillery Platform. Nuke, Missile, and Homing.
  • Oil Refinery discounts everything by a 50 percentage.
  • Repairbay repairs everything quickly.
  • Civilian Bunkers are the toughest things to destroy.
  • Tech Spy Sat. Sort of. Reveals the entire map, but doesn't reshroud the map when destroyed (unless its a Challenge map). You just lose vision. Reveals stealthed units around itself. Same detection radius as Search and Destroy.
  • Tech Nuke Lab: Capture to gain access to really broken Generals Abilities. Can be upgraded for 10,000 to add even more broken abilities.

USA factions:

  • All American factions - Drone upgrades combined into one Drone Package upgrade.
  • All American factions with Pathfinders - Vet 3 is insane.
  • All American factions - MOAB comes with a Level 3 A10 strike
  • All American factions - Supply Drop Zone is an Oil Derrick because America.
  • All American factions - CIA Officers. Requires a Science. Level of that science varies on your General.
  • All American factions except Armor - Amphibious Transport from the War Factory.
  • All American factions - SEAL infantry unit. Works just as it did in Red Alert 2.
  • All American factions - UAV unit. Armed with a pair of long range armor-piercing missiles; detects stealth in a wide radius and is stealthed itself.
  • All American factions - Command Trucks. Mobile buildings that allow deployment of Generals Powers and a second Battleplan.
  • All American factions - Heavy Infantry. Armed with miniguns and tough armor. Very slow.
  • All American factions - Buildable Bill Gates. Provides boost to your entire army.
  • IR Smoke defense. Just like Battlefield, sort of.
  • Microsoft Transport Truck.
  • Spectre Gunships are obsolete now. As a result, they will be sent directly into a target.
  • Number of Spectres increases by 1 per level, to a max of 3.
  • SEALs can place charges on structures and vehicles.
  • Pathfinder vehicle snipes.
  • Humvees enter low orbit when destroyed because why not.

USA Vanilla:

  • Dozer flavor: Can be upgraded with Composite Armor.
  • Spy Drone can be upgraded with Drones.
  • Ultra Frosty. It's a snowman that explodes like a nuclear missile.
  • Pillbox comes with 1 ranger inside it.
  • Ultra unit - Mech Executioner. Requires lots of tech to be built.
  • War Factory has a scroll button for the extra units. A Dozer can be built from it as well.
  • Level 3 A10 is Level 5 A10.
  • Crusaders and Paladins are stronger.

USA Airforce:

  • Dozer flavor: Gets a stealth upgrade. Applies to Skycranes as well.
  • Dozer takes up less transport slots.
  • Combat Chinook is an airbus.
  • Buildable A10 pseudo hero unit.
  • Level 3 HALO drop with double the infantry and a heavily armored Humvee.
  • Stealth Comanche upgrade is moved to Strategy Center and applies to King Raptors, Dozers and Skycranes.
  • Chinooks have very very good flares.
  • Buildable mini Spectre Gunships.
  • New defensive structure. A guard tower. Comes with 3 rangers, holds 6 infantry. Has a special scan area ability + Gap Generator.
  • Airforce Carpet Bomber is stealth, it's pretty gross.
  • Burton voice is from Red Alert 2.
  • King Comanche's can engage air targets when upgraded with Aircraft Ammo.

USA Laser:

  • Dozer flavor: Benefits from the PDL Upgrade.
  • Randomly colored lasers. Red Blue Green Yellow Orange Purple Pink and White are the choices when a laser fires.
  • Flying Battleship science.
  • Laser Pathfinders. You can see the laser but you're putting them inside Humvees anyways...
  • Laser Pathfinders benefit from Focusing Crystal upgrade and can fire at all ground units.
  • Laser Patriots have no reload.
  • Burton uses a Railgun when upgraded.
  • Railgun Artillery fires slightly faster but does slightly less damage.
  • Laser Patriots require 1 power.
  • Ix Drone. Just like Dune (sort of). It's very weak and blows up violently. Armed with a pretty laser cannon as well.

USA Superweapon:

  • Dozer flavor: Can be upgraded with Drone Armor and has a medium range scan ability like the Sentry Drone.
  • Flying supersonic Humvees armed with nuclear bomb truck payloads. Comes with 5 Missile Defenders.
  • Rods From God science fires more rods at Level 3.
  • Rods From God is Trains From God.
  • Hypersonic Cruise Missile art replaced with Train.
  • Firebase fires EMP shells.
  • Burton gets an Orbital Train Marker with OICW upgrade.
  • Infantry get a 'transform into exo suit' button that always works.
  • Robot Tanks fire faster.
  • Turret Paradrop drops more turrets at Level 3.
  • Omega Aurora Bombers. They drop a very large Plasma Bomb.
  • Experimental Particle Cannon: Beam cannot be controlled once fired, but creates many unstable plasma spheres.
  • Plasma Ball damage increased from 5 to 15.
  • Alexander's rank increased to 'Chief Conductor' for using train-based weaponry.
  • Advanced TRAINing. Get it? Adds train-based weaponry to some units.

USA Armor:

  • Dozer flavor: Benefits from Mammoth Shield upgrade.
  • Base defenses benefit from Mammoth Shields.
  • Anti-air defense can fire at ground targets.
  • Mammoth Tanks get an 'Overcharge' ability. Grants Frenzy 3 for 7 seconds. (Increases range, damage and reload)
  • Ranger LMG's get a proper clip size of 200.
  • Force Shield science. Creates a protective shield anywhere for 20 seconds. Drains all power for 40 seconds. Deflects SCUD missiles. Cannot save units that die instantly though.
  • Howitzers benefit from Bunker Busters.
  • Paradrop drops Mammoths and Bradleys.
  • Guardian Turrets have no reload time.
  • Ranger voice replaced with GI voice. No taunt :(
  • Little Birb has miniguns and laser guided missiles, just like Battlefield 3. Both weapons can attack ground and air targets.
  • Big Coastal Battery base defense. Get your camp on.

China Factions:

  • All China factions that use vanilla infantry - Infantry explode into landmines when killed.
  • All China factions - Level 3 artillery is pretty heavy on shells.
  • Chinese Main Battle Tank for Vanilla, Tank and Special Weapons. Weak vs air. Strong vs ground.
  • All China factions - Hackers get an EMP Suitcase. Does not include China Nuke.
  • All China factions - Internet Center is stealthed.
  • All China factions except Special Weapons - Supply Trucks can be sent into low orbit.
  • All China factions - EMP Comes with small carpet bomb. Neutron Bomb comes with Fuel Air Bomb follow-up.
  • All China factions - Snipers. Can snipe infantry from normal garrisons too.
  • All China factions - Small utility units from the Propaganda Center. Anti-Air Jeep. APC.
  • All China factions - Hacker Vans come with LAN party.
  • Covert Officers. Stealth infantry armed with various special abilities.
  • Supply Trucks can drive in reverse now.
  • Inferior Chinese Kirovs. Varies per faction. Unavailable to China Infantry
  • Added Defector code that someone was very nice to provide. Thanks <3

China Vanilla:

  • Dozer flavor: Immune to EMP and some extra armor.
  • Tiger's benefit from flares.
  • Listening Post doubles as a Gap Generator.
  • Siege Soldiers benefit from Neutron Shells upgrade.
  • Everything contains landmines. EVERYTHING.

China Tank:

  • Dozer flavor: Extra health and benefits from Reactive Armor upgrade.
  • Large tanks have smaller tanks inside them.
  • Level 3 Tank Paradrop via artillery cannon.
  • Autoloader upgrade for Battlemasters removes reload.
  • Gattling Tank has a tank-shell-gattling-weapon for tanks/structures.
  • Emperor Tank added to War Factory.
  • Golem Tank.
  • Emperor Voice replaced with more RA2 references.

China Infantry:

  • Dozer flavor: Dozer broadcasts propaganda.
  • Infantry trained in bigger groups.
  • Super Mega Hackers.
  • Lotus basically captures instantly. It is very annoying.
  • Paradrop with lots of infantry and Gattling APC's.
  • Fortified Bunker holds 10 infantry again. More fortified than before.
  • Assault Troop Crawler has extra armor.
  • Infantry release a small frenzy upon death, giving Frenzy 3 to nearby units for a short time. It is a totally original idea and is definitely not shamelessly inspired by a far better Generals mod by the name of Rise of the Reds.
  • Red Guard replaced with Conscript. Just like RA2.
  • Mortar Squad. It's kind of disgusting.
  • Troop Crawlers hold 10 infantry. 5 mini-gunners and 5 tank hunters.
  • Berserk Artillery fires way more rockets.

China Nuke:

  • Dozer flavor: Can be upgraded with Isotope and Fusion Reactors.
  • Supply Trucks can be upgraded with Fusion Reactors.
  • Autoloader upgrade on the Research Plant. Applies to Battlemasters, Devastators, Nuke Cannons and Siege Cannons.
  • Level 3 Artillery barrage has a lot of fallout...
  • All buildings (except the bunker) explode like a nuclear reactor.
  • Research Plant and Devastators explode violently. At least Devastators get Isotope...
  • Mega Nuclear Missile Launcher. It's pretty disgusting.
  • Buildable Nuke Bunker with upgrades and a new unit: Nuclear Convoy Truck.
  • Heavy Uranium Artillery. Fires radiation shells over long distances. Good against structures and camp.
  • SSNR Carpet Bomber.

China Special Weapons:

  • Dozer flavor: Dozer has an ECM Jammer field for enemy missiles.
  • Cluster Mines sciences replaced with Grinder Mine 'ambush' ability.
  • Rank 5 Science: Global Radar Jammer thing. Reshrouds entire map for enemies (AI doesnt care). Stealths friendlies in a small area.
  • Infantry now get a Spec Ops Upgrade from the Weapons Research Plant.
  • Red Guard Spec Ops: +50% range +25% damage +Stealth
  • Tank Hunter Spec Ops: +25% range +China Lake grenade launcher (fires 3 grenades very quickly) +Stealth
  • Pyro: Stealth unless firing + New weapon that can cause firestorms in large groups.
  • Level 3 Badger Bomber strike has 5 planes.
  • Hammer Cannons benefit from an Autoloaders upgrade...
  • New artillery unit: Stuka (Yes like from Company of Heros 2). Fires 6 long range, high arc rockets. Very fragile vehicle.
  • Stuka benefits from White Napalm upgrade.
  • Black Lotus gets a timed suitcase Earthquake.
  • Support Crawler comes with 4 Red Guard.
  • Flying Attack Submarines.
  • Flying Attack Submarine voice replaced with Typhoon Attack Sub voices.
  • Grinder Cannon is now a long range direct fire tank destroyer thing. It's awkward to use, but very powerful.
  • Flame Mortars. Can create firestorms in groups. Can be upgraded with Ramjet AT Shells.

GLA Factions:

  • All GLA factions - Cash Bounty is even better. 20%, 40% and 60%.
  • All GLA factions - Anthrax bomb via B2 jet. Cargo plane drops dancing terrorists immune to poison.
  • All GLA factions - Jarmen gets a better rifle with KSVK upgrade. Demo has the best variant of this.
  • All GLA factions - Radar Vans can be upgraded with stealth. (Except Demo)
  • All GLA factions - Commando Workers.
  • All GLA factions - Anthrax Bomb moved to Rank 3. New Rank 5 science: GLA Skydiving Team.
  • All GLA factions - Stinger Sites reload in 1 second.
  • All GLA factions - Recoilless Riflemen reload faster.
  • All GLA factions - Tunnel Networks are armed with mini-guns.
  • All GLA factions - Flak Troopers. Uses working flak gun with airborne scatter.
  • All GLA factions - Hellfire Attack Aircraft. Small and agile bomber.
  • All GLA factions - Saboteurs! Woah! They can disarm Demo Traps and roundhouse kick infantry.
  • All GLA factions - Balloon-assisted vehicles. Includes Flying Cobra, SCUD Launcher, and Flying Roach.
  • All GLA factions - Sturmtiger deployment. Thanks St4lk3r for the model <3
  • GLA Demo and Stealth - Barrel Bombing special power. Drops big bombs across a large area.
  • Fancy Limo Transport.
  • Hijacker Strike. Available once you build a Palace. Works like the Scrap Upgrade that salvage gets, but you target enemy vehicles. It hijacks them for free.
  • Hijackers increased by a factor of 2. When a Hijacker exits a destroyed vehicle, you get 2 instead of 1.
  • Rocket Buggies enter the Stratosphere when destroyed.

GLA Vanilla:

  • Worker flavor: Immune to landmines...
  • Attack and Assault Workers. Assault Worker basically has the hammer of Thor. Attack worker is bleh.
  • Balloon explodes into Flying Demo Trap.
  • Balloons are now Battle Balloons. Comes with 8 RPG's and is more durable.
  • Biplanes (Vanilla and Salvage). Uses machine gun against air units. Throws grenades onto ground targets.
  • Biplanes have a terrorist pilot and a manual eject button. Sabotage the biplane and the terrorist parachutes to safety.
  • GLA Bomber (Vanilla and Salvage) - Armed with skydiving terrorists. Deals heavy damage to buildings.
  • Flak Troopers with working flak cannons.


  • Worker flavor: Immune to toxins, fire, radiation and microwaves.
  • Extra housecalls.
  • New unit for heavy anti infantry needs. Virus Tank.
  • Virus Tank makes infantry explode into Toxic Clouds. Can spray virus over a large area with a Dragon Tank firewall.
  • Useless against tanks and buildings. Very weak against tank shells.
  • New Tech route: Chemical Bunker (buildable with no limit on number)
  • Chemical Bunker has 1 upgrade. Anthrax Gamma.
  • SCUD Storm/Black Market requires a Palace OR Chemical Bunker.
  • Ultra Unit: Mega Rocket Buggy. It's huge and explodes with toxins when destroyed.
  • Mega Rocket Buggy scrap + upgrades make it fire even moar rockets.
  • Rebel Ambush is better at any level.
  • Commando Worker is immune to poisons, fire, radiation and microwaves.
  • Acid Truck. Not that kind of acid. Extremely good against buildings.
  • Anti-Air Boats. Sails through land or sea.

GLA Demo:

  • Worker flavor: Leaves behind an Advanced Demo Trap when killed... like every other Demo unit...
  • Advanced Demo Traps leave behind a normal Demo Trap that also explodes.
  • Rebel Ambush is broken at any level.
  • Black Market Nuke x4.
  • Nuclear Topols...
  • Is probably the most overpowered faction, but also the most volatile.
  • Structures leave behind 2 terrorists when destroyed. Sort of like Rangers.
  • Sabetours can place tiny Demo Traps.
  • Nuclear Topols are always revealed on the map/radar. Cannot be put into tunnels or transports. Cannot pick up scrap weapon upgrades.
  • Does not get Commando Workers because Demo is strong enough already.
  • Fortified Structure improved to Reinforced Concrete. Adds extra explosion resistance.
  • All units start with explosion resistant armor. Results may vary.
  • New base defense: Recoilless Rifle Site or something. Very good against tanks.

GLA Stealth:

  • Worker flavor: Stealthed. Everything for Kassad is stealth.
  • All structures except base defenses and SCUD Storm act like a Gap Generator.
  • Units are stealthed unless firing or taking damage. Structures are always stealth, no exceptions. (Except base defenses)
  • Tunnel Networks create a Hijacker and Sabetour.
  • Demo Traps with stolen technology. Can be upgraded with 1 of 3 upgrades.
  • Machine Gun nest x3.
  • Commando Worker is always stealth.
  • Mobile Supply Stash is a Convoy Truck. Comes with 12 infantry and supplies can still be dropped off at it. Acts as a soup van giving fresh meals to troops, inspiring them to fight harder.
  • Radar Truck starts with Jamming upgrade.
  • Two unit-based sciences, one for infantry and one for vehicles. Rank 3: Infantry can be trained at Vet 1. Rank 5: Vehicles can be trained at Vet 1.
  • Frog Rocket Launcher things. Very agile artillery. Replaces Frog SSM units.
  • New unit: War Truck. Armed with a Recoilless Rifleman. Good against vehicles. Stealth too.

GLA Salvage:

  • Worker flavor: Armor upgrades with scrap. Jarmen can also get scrap.
  • Gadfly can attack ground units.
  • V3 Strike x2.
  • Level 5 Phosphorus Strike.
  • Basilisk gets better scrap upgrades.
  • Katy gets tiny phosphorus rockets with scrap/veterancy.
  • New unit: Shotgun Maniac. Can load 2 ammo types. 3 with an upgrade.
  • Idea for Angry Man is from the GeneralsGentlemen on Youtube <3
  • Phosphorus Demo Traps.
  • Commando Worker can pick up scrap for armor.
  • New science: Black Market Tanks. Available from the Arms Dealer. Costs $1000. Gives you a random tank from any faction. Gambling!
  • Greater improvements from the Flash Trooper Barrage upgrade.
  • Unique siren when you launch the Soyuz. RA2 related.
  • New unit: War Truck. Armed with a long range gun. Decent against everything.
  • Gadfly has more health and range.
  • Stalins Organ might be useful now.
  • New base defense: Sturmtiger Emplacement. Camp taken to a whole new level.
  • Rebels have anti-tank grenades.

GLA Campaign added. (4 missions including the mini-game) Play on Medium because Worldbuilder is trash and doesn't like to make it work on Hard.

China Campaign added. (4 missions including the mini-game) Play on Medium, as above.


and tao still can't use nuke silo

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He's pretty old, and the buttons are pretty small. He'll get glasses soon.

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What is the song in the Main Menu?

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