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The Madness continues! Tiberian units strengthen, pushing the Red Alert units into even more of a supporting role!

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Base: Tiberian History
Include: Red Alert history's global economy change
Preserve parent mods style: yes
Allow similar type units\structures in build queues: yes
Resolve alliances.... ally found.

Shielded Harvester - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Harvester)
Reaper Tripod - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Tripod)
ScrinShip - Tiberian Sun
Growth stimulator - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Growth accelerator)


Rifle squad - Red Alert (Replaces Militants)
Grenadier squad - Red Alert
Mig - Red Alert
Hind - Red Alert (Replaces Venom)
Badger bomber - Red Alert
Nod Artillery - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Beam cannon)
Nod turret - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Laser hub)
Light Infantry - Tiberian Sun
Soviet Bunker - Yuri's Revenge
Confessor squad - Kane's Wrath
Rocket squad - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Militant Rocket squad)
Apache - Tiberian Dawn
Chemical Warrior - Tiberian Dawn
Sam site - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Rocket hub)
Devil's Tongue - Tiberian Sun

Artillery - Red Alert
Longbow - Red Alert
Pillbox - Red Alert 2
Repair Bay - Tiberian Dawn
Humvee - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Pitbull)
Titan - Tiberian Sun
Hover MRLS - Tiberian Sun
Black Hawk - Tiberian Dawn FMV (Replaces V35 Ox transport)

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