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Determine which C&C Generals/Zero Hour mod is the best by voting in the polls.

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I decide to make this official for C&C's 20th anniversary.

It's been over 12 years since C&C Generals was released and 11 years since Zero Hour was also released. Since those releases, hundreds of mods were developed and released, and thus of today C&C Generals vs Zero Hour modding remains popular for modding, playing and testing. Countless efforts were made for so many epic mods for those games. For the first time ever, it's time for you to decide to vote for the best C&C Generals & Zero Hour Mod. Only 76 mods made the cut (that is huge for a bracket) and the ones which did not make the cut have their mods either WIP (never released), inactive, incomplete, cancelled or they were just not-so-good mods. The one exception was a beta mod based from a cancelled C&C game and that is C&C Generals 2.

Here's the bracket that has their 76 mods divided into four groups:
(note that I did not create a Reloaded mod for Generals and ZH but it was created by a different author) (also please do not tell me how I manage which mod can be competed against another mod regardless of theme and popularity -- it's the best I can do to pair them up)

When voting in Pollcode, make sure you enable pop-up blockers and plugins since they are highly recommended or else it will be ad-infested. The final two will be posted via the Strawpoll site.

Group A:
Rise of the Reds vs Remix Escalation
Counter Unions 3D - Heroes Legend vs Armageddon - The Final Hour
Zero Hour Reborn vs Zero Hour Reloaded
Visual Reality vs Cutezone Technology
Project Raptor vs Code 17
Operation Firestorm vs Defcon
RA3: The 3rd World War vs C&C Black Nuke
CNC Holland vs CNC Europe

Group B:
C&C Shockwave vs Call to Arms
C&C All Stars vs Middle East Conflict
Generals Revolution vs Stargate Universe
Colors vs Nova
Vietnam Glory Obscured vs Korean War 2
Peace Mission vs Condition Zero
Tiberian Dawn Redux vs Tiberian Sun Redux
Zero Hour Stations vs SCP-Missing Force

Group C:
Mideast Crisis vs Modern Warfare
Cold War Crisis vs A Global Crisis
Human-Covenant War vs Earth Conflict
Assault Horizon vs Modern War "Reloading"
Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour vs Conquer or Die
Hold the Assault vs Destructive Forces vs Realistic Combat vs C&C World War II
C&C Generals Zero Hour Enhanced vs NProject Mod vs General Enhanced vs Generals Classic
Stealth and Air Force vs Lethal Tanks vs Zombie Mod vs The Modern Conflict "Zombie" Mod

Group D:
C&C Generals 2 vs Light of Five Stars
C&C Untitled vs Contra
Deep Impact vs The End of Days
Only War vs Return of the Lost Generals
Star Wars Imperial Assault vs BattleTech: The Capellan Solution
C&C Vengeance vs First Strike vs New Strike ZH vs Generals Crazy Mod
Warzone 2 vs WarGames Zero Hour vs Ignitor Fuse vs Generation X
Sigen mod vs BetaMod vs Cold Strike Mod vs Infusion Mod

The next round of this bracket will be in several days if there are sufficient votes.

The voted winner of the Best C&C Generals & Zero Hour mod will go to the final four for the Best Overall C&C Mod which will be coming soon.


so whens round 2?

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