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Determine which C&C Generals/Zero Hour mod is the best by voting in the polls.

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Since I decided to speed things up a little bit further, it's time for round four of the voting bracket. The final four will be revealed on Tuesday. But I am sorry to say that other epic great mods such as Deep Impact, Zero Hour Reborn and Vietnam Glory Obscured have been beaten in the bracket.

Previous Round Three:
Previous Round Two:
Previous Round One:

Here's the new bracket that's divided into four groups:
BestZeroHourMod 3

When voting in Pollcode, make sure you enable pop-up blockers and plugins since they are highly recommended due to infested ads. You can only vote once per day per IP connection. The final two will be posted via the Strawpoll site.

Group A: Looks like some people had made their last second effort to make it a huge upset poll in round three, that winner will go to this top eight and a new poll is replaced with this one after all (you guys have 48 hours to vote for that):

Zero Hour Reborn vs Operation Firestorm

Group B: C&C Shockwave vs Tiberian Sun Redux

Group C: Cold War Crisis vs C&C Generals Zero Hour Enhanced

Group D: C&C Untitled vs Generation X

The voted winner of the Best C&C Generals & Zero Hour mod will go to the final four for the Best Overall C&C Mod which will be coming soon.


These polls are a ******* joke :P
Result? ROTR wins :P

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PurpleGaga27 Author

Someone was spamming/trolling in the previous round to let ROTR lose to Zero Hour Reborn and now Operation Firestorm. The last time I checked the day before the new poll that ROTR wins that round and I was certain of that.

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PurpleGaga27 Author

A new change is in for a new poll. Looks like the polls were rigged for an upset after all.

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Yeah maybe black_havoc done this poll troll bcs he hates ROTR.
But i had a chance again to vote i will spam as ROTR bcs Reborn is very old mod.
If ROTR could past those poll it would be win it.

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Is this the kinda fans ROTR attracts these days? Pity...

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