Post news RSS "The Behind -- The Beyond" Story Trailer (Upcoming Mystery Thriller Game )

This is the story trailer of my game " The Behind -- The Beyond " In this pre-story of the game is described well and some elements of the game are also shown in this

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Story Trailer

"The Behind -- The Beyond" Story Trailer (Upcoming Mystery Thriller Game )

The Behind The Beyond " is a thriller mystery Game which tells the story about a agent who is a victim of his own hallucinations. Through out the game he is perplexed between his dreams and reality. As the game goes on, you would be thrilled with the experience. The best feature about this game is Stealth mode gameplay, where player can finish the game using his/her own tactics and skills to finish the level. There are no rules, you can use your own mind and complete the game. You are on your own, you know everything, and yet nothing!! You will be captivated throughout!! There will be 3 characters to play in this game, hope you like This is the first indian made solo Indie game which is a mystery thriller.... Soon the game will be available as early access on steam

Here are some few updates from my game... Hope you all like it

Screenshot 1004

Screenshot 1008

Screenshot 1003

Screenshot 1001

These screen shots are from another level

Screenshot 993

Screenshot 994

I'am planing something new in this game ie Sandbox mode

Ie you can select any maps just like COD, can select no of enemies and type of enemies, this is not conform yet because I developed this solo, soo need some time for this

If i release sandbox mode then it will be open beta free for all too play that game

Thank you reading

Sidhanth Mohite

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