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An insight into what is coming as Yonder proceeds through Alpha and what to expect in the next few months.

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Evening folks!

It's been a busy past few days for us, from overhauling databases to upgrading to the new Unity 5 engine. As such, we've been a little quiet on the public front. But never fear, we have returned, with more info about the Alpha, current development and what is coming up.

Alpha Now. What's Next?

Now that we are into alpha, we can work on some more advanced features for Yonder that we haven't covered in the past. Of course, much of the future development remains behind closed doors, but for now we have a summarized list of what we are covering in the next couple of months:

  • Construction
    • The first versions of the construction system will be coming in the next couple of updates, allowing players to build certain items (Albeit limited amounts of items for now) by adding resources and construction timers to make something a finished product.
    • Campfires - A Basic Construction item for early crafting, primarily basic smithing.
    • Mine-Entrance - Players will be able to start chipping away at the stone layer to create entrances into the mining-layer of Yonder!
    • Bridges - For those who want to create moats or just generally have an access-point to their home, the bridges will be wooden at first and the players will be able to choose their start and end points and then build the bridge across the gap between them.
    • Walls / Gates - To help show where your land is and give access-points. Will not have locks on them *yet*.
    • Crafting-Tables - From anvils to workbenches, this will provide the player access to more advanced (Either larger-scale or more complex) crafting options specific to that crafting-table.
  • Crafting
    • Players will now require tools in order to do their crafting and resource-harvesting, and for now there will be six tools to do this with:
      • Axe
      • Shovel
      • Pickaxe
      • Chisel
      • Hammer
      • Saw
    • Basic Materials - The player will be able to craft some basic components like planks, bricks, iron ingots and nails.
    • Flooring - Now the player can craft types of flooring to replace grass/dirt to make the world feel more like home! (Or at least your ancestor's home)
    • Mobile-Storage (Hand-Cart) - For the goods-peddler you've always longed to be! Also for those who wish to actually carry more than their pockets allow.
  • User Interface (UI)
    • Player will now have a tab for construction, crafting and skills, the construction tab lets them choose constructions to place, the crafting tab lets them select crafting recipes and the skills tab will let them see the progress of skills
    • There is now a 1x4 tab on the inventory specifically for tools to be placed (They only work if you have them in there!)
  • NPCs & Settlements
    • NPCs - Players will be able to buy and sell items to NPC merchants in the starting-settlement in the game, specifically to help afford tools if they can't craft them yet or to buy settlement-deeds.
    • Settlements - Players will be able to own land and pay for it to keep being owned by them. Will offer them some land-protection and they can invite others to join them. Settlements will get their own chats eventually, too.
  • Music & SFX
    • We'll be getting our first piece of ambiance music for Yonder in the next month or so and we'll also be adding in sound-effects for the in-game actions like tools being used, walking, building structures, etc!
  • And Lots More!

This is just an overview of what we'll be adding as the updates progress. We'll also be looking to do regular public testing periods throughout the Alpha, hopefully beginning next week (And then perhaps weekly or bi-weekly updates from there!)Until then, stay tuned via this blog, our facebook ( and we'll give you more info about Yonder as time goes on!

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