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Hello ModDB, I'm polar_berk and this is Combine : Disconnected. I've been working on this for a bit and I have finally decided to set up a ModDB page to showcase my progress so far.

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I am just creating this mod to gain experience with coding in the HL2 source engine. At the moment I am doing everything myself so progress is slow.

Progress report

  • Changed the HUD to show healthpacks and the current ammo type of the weapon you are using.
  • Stripped back the effects of the HEV suit. E.g. Removed the AUX POWER bar and it's connection to the flashlight.
  • Added Hollowpoint bullets as ammo for the pistol and set the pistol's alt-fire to switch between the two.
  • Created a duke-nukem style quip after a kill system, not sure I'll keep it as it doesn't fit the atmosphere of game.
  • Replaced the AR2 grenade/laser ball with an overload function giving the AR2 double damage for 10 seconds.
  • Created combine hopper/landmine weapon.
  • Created an EMP grenade weapon for disabling electronic equipment (like sentries, hoppers and rollermines). Hoppers can be picked up once disabled.
  • Created some new textures, altered some existing ones and created two (rather boxy) maps, training_day and skidrow01.
  • The amount of health/shield power given by pick-ups alters depending on the game difficulty.


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