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3 Traitourous Senators attempt to take over the NGR. The Mandalorians conquer the Trade Federation. Update: New Kashyyyk is Captured!

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The Battle of Nar Kreeta

Factions Involved: NGR, Trade Federation

NGR Commanders:

Trade Federation Commanders:

Before The Battle:

It all began with the Prophet kidnapping Mace. Prophet claimed that Mace had no right to direct his opinions at the senate. Unfortunately for Prophet half of the senate condemned his actions. When the Chancellor got back from his diplomatic envoy; he was furious. The next day the other half of the senate who did not voice any opinions on the matter before supported Prophet. This was an interesting turn in events. The Senate was split and a Schism began.

This was called by the Chancellor as the short NGR-Trade Federation Conflict. The invasion only lasted several hours and was on its way to failure even before the battle had begun. We have knowledge of why they decided to attack NGR. Though its for stupid reasons. "1. Because another senator is in the group, 2. It seems that the senator might win the chancellory, 3. We just like Prophets Faction better"

The Battle itself:

Prophet's fleet jumps in from hyperspace to begin the war. A few minutes later Tarful's fleet jumps in to defend Prophet's fleet from behind. While Dracket decides to disrupt NGR shipping.
Fortunately for the NGR; Kamikazesniper and AK151's fleets soon gets word of the invasion and begin a retaliation attack. AK151 operated from his flagship the Valiance and Kamikazesniper operated from his ship the Arcem. Within an hour the two fleets head for Nar Kreeta an attempt to stop the traitourous senators. They arrive one at a time and engage Prophet and Tarful's fleets. The battle was furocious. While the fleets were engaged; Prophet tried to land troops and bombard the planet with bombers.

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Soon Drackets fleet approached but was quickly obliterated. The fight continued on the ground and in space for several more hours untill Prophet finally gave up the attack and fled on his own. He left his and his allies fleet to fend for themselves. They were all soon obliterated due to the sheer mass force of numbers by AK151 and Kamikazesniper and their tatical abilities.

Mace is eventually rescued by Adenn'Verda on the planet New Kashyyyk

This is the end of NGR's Schism.

The Mandalorian-Trade Federation War

Faction Involved: Trade Federation, Mandalorians

Trade Federation Commanders:

Mandalorian Commanders:

Adenn'Verda opened up the conflict with an invasion of Neimoidia. He had invaded the planet because the Trade Federation sent most of its ships to Nar Kreeta; leaving a perfect oppurtunity for the Mandalorians to gain territories. His bombers quickly destroyed the space station in orbit and his capital ships ripped apart the remaining ships. He sent troops down below to capture the planet which was relatively quite easy.


The War expands to other fronts including Cato Neimoidia. Adenn'Verda sends his
beskar'ad fleet to Cato Neimoidia which happens to be perhaps the most important planet in the entire Trade Federation. Adenn activates his subjucators ion cannon to disable the shields of the defense fleet. and afterwards rips them apart with his lucrehulk battleships. He sends his Providence cruiser and bomber squadrons to destroy the Space Station. He sends his Vulture squadrons to the surface to attack the cities. He then sends in troops to capture the planets.

After the two planets were captured Adenn'Verda splits his fleet in half and heads for another economic world owned by the Trade Federation; Koru Neimoidia. His bombers attack the space station and his fleet attacks the defense fleet. He attacks the surface with his Baskilisk War Droid along with his troops.

His Subjucator, 3 lucrehulks and 5 providence than head to the last purse world. There he used the ion cannons to disable the defense fleet. His providence and bombers attack the space station. His transports start landing troops on the planet with some Hyena bombers giving air support.

The Battle of New Kashyyyk

Factions: Mandalorians, Trade Federation

Mandalorian Commanders:

Trade Federation Commanders:

One day later Adenn'Verda continues his offensive against the Trade Federation. One of the last few planets in the faction was New Kashyyyk. He immedeatly opens up his assualt on the planets defences. His bombers attack the space station while the bulk of his fleet attacks the defense fleet. All of a sudden Adenn'Verda's flagship the Nightmare appears in the system; he orders night squadron and some of his bakilisk war droids to come with him to the surface.

He then heads for the surface with an army. His forces land near a prison which held Mace_Windu. The basilisk war droids attack the army that protected the prison. Adenn soon destroys a part of the wall and he and night squadron land there. He orders night squadron to protect the entry and basilisk as he enters the prison. He makes his way through to the Security Center using a stealth generator.

Once in he kills the guards and disables the power in the entire station cutting off power from all force cells. All the prisoners leave the cells and cause a riot killing many guards in their way to try and escape. Mace takes out many guards using the force and Adenn locates Mace by using the security cameras. He then heads to Mace's position, taking a stop to pick up his lightsaber and then finds Mace pinned down by wookies.

Adenn kills the guards with his shatter gun and hands Mace back his lightsaber; they then head back towards the exit killing any wookies that got in their way. They then mound Adenn's basilisk war droid and head back to the knightmare. While his forces continued to capture the planet. Night Squadron reboards the Nightmare and they then leave and head to the nearest NGR planet. He leaves Mace there and accepts his payment.

As a small bonus; Adenn gave the NGR, New Kashyyyk.

That was the end of the Mandalorian-Trade Federation War

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well written

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Thanks took me hours to write.

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nicly done :) hope u like the bonus ;)

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