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This is a description of the basics to the Lore of Abundantia. Plenty more things to know about it. Mainly made up of random facts about it.

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This is a description of the basics to the Lore of Abundantia.

-The main currency used by it's inhabitants are Manitas. The currency is made from a special kind of soft rock, and leaves.

-The date is told in IB (Initial Birth).

-The planet is 9 billion years old.

-The population of all (major races) inhabitants on the planet is 1.7 billion.

-At the time the game is set the most valuable economic resources are:
-Imber Ymber Wool (a special water resistent wool, used in Seasalk as housing)
-Tobacco (The planets own form of tobacco)

-The races all believe the Planet had been created 6000 years before the game is set at 0IB, except the Andrians which folloe the same date form, but believe it all started in -10000IB, and that the world would end in 10000IB.

-Armies were small at the time, due to the high expense of iron. Most soldiers use wool, leather, fur or bronze, though bronze was still expensive.

-The lands greatest army is the OrkMoth army, at 100,000 soldiers. Most men in OrkMoth were part of it.

-The lands greatest navy was the Seasalk army, at 50 large ships, with dense, strong hulls.

-The different lands power, ranked due to economy and power:
1. Seasalk
2. OrkMoth (and the OrkMoth Isles)
3. Andria
4. Dunmurr
5. Feridelle
6. Cinqa & Cinqi
7. Fauldon
8. Norquar
9. Bulb

The next news I'll post will show you the entire Lore for the OrkMoth.

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