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Here is the description of the base. As soon as you end the first mission, an old bunker will be used as mHeadquarters. It is divided in four rooms. EEach one will be used to perform some tasks like select the next mission, or the gear of the team.

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Hi guys!

Here we go with some new stuff. In the game after the first mission, the player will take an old bunker as headquarters. It has four rooms each one used for one of the team members. Each room has the look and feel of the soldier who lives there. His own music, and actions.

The Bunker:
The base rooms

Here is the bunker entrance. Old, but the last place where the enemy forces will search. As soon as you enter this scene, a 3D map will appear allowing us to select the four rooms available.

The Hospital:
The base rooms

This is the first room on the left side. Here is "WOLF", the medic. You know what will happen here...

The Briefing Room:
The base rooms

The second room is the briefing room. Here, as "MIKE", the player can select the next mission from all the available. Here will be a panle showing the progress of the campaign and other important information.

The Engine Room:
The base rooms

"PAUL" will be here, in the third room, and the player can change the settings of the game.

The Armory:
The base rooms

And last but not least, the Armory. Whith "LEO" sculpting his body all day. Here you can select which weapons, armor or accesories will carry each soldier. And as you progress, the weapons from the dead enemies will appear here, and will be available to use in further missions.

Finally, here is a little video of the whole scene.

Hope you like that.



That's a pretty cool idea to include a management-system within an interactive menu. Like the idea. By the way: Check your PMs here :-)

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