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Heavy, Light & Cloth Armour comes to No Turning Back!

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The Armour Update:

Armour does not affect stats in No Turning Back, it actually gives you skills

New Features: Added Heavy Armour Cuirasses
Added Leather Armour Coats
Added Cloth Armour Robes

Added Heavy Helmets
Added Leather Caps
Added Cloth Cowls

New Armour Skills: Heavy Block - 10% chance to block an attack (can stack with helmet for 20%)
Heavy Reflect - 10% chance to return damage to an enemy (can stack with helmets for 20%)
Leather Evasion - 10% chance to dodge an attack (can stack with helmets for 20%)
Leather Speed - 10% speed increase (can stack with helmets for 20%)
Cloth Phase - 10% chance to phase out of an attack (can stack with helmets for 20%)
Cloth Vamp Heal - 10% chance to heal on hit (can stack with helmets for 20%)

No Class Specific Armours yet!

The way it works is that you first need a chest piece, once you have a chest piece you can then equip helmets or other armours (coming soon), you can equip helmets without an armour piece if you find one you like but it wont give you any skills without having the relevant armour Using a Robe with a Heavy Helmet wont unlock the helmets stats, it must match the armour piece There are sets of armour but they don't add any boosts for using them yet!

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